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Apr 13

Tuesday’s Magic Word

  • Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus: “I’m not even going to bother discussing the decision at the top of the ballot. LeBron James deserves to be a unanimous selection, and that’s that. By sitting out the last three games, James did cost himself any chance at surpassing last year’s total of 26.9 WARP, which was fifth in modern NBA history. James currently is sitting on 25.4 WARP this season. The more interesting race is for second place. I think you could justify placing Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard and Dwyane Wade in any order. I went with Howard, my Defensive Player of the Year, in second because of his importance to the league’s best defense and its second-best offense. Wade has used possessions at the league’s highest rate (35.1 percent), and while his efficiency is down from a year ago, it’s still incredible given how much he does. Durant, meanwhile, has become the league’s best scorer and made dramatic strides at the defensive end as well.”
  • Mickael Pietrus is goofy.
  • Matt Moore of Hardwood Paroxysm notes that the Charlotte Bobcats have their work cut out of them against the Orlando Magic in the first round of the 2010 NBA Playoffs: “But for right now, put this one in the back of your head. Because even if they can’t do it. Even if Jackson’s tendencies and the poor passing of the bigs and the length of the Magic derail their intentions, the Bobcats get it, just like Bonnell’s headline suggests. They know what it’s going to take. You want to beat the Magic? Are you the most talented team in the league? No? Then you’re going to have to punch them in the mouth. And you’re going to have to do it every quarter for as many games as it goes and pray that a few three pointers rattle out.  The only shot the Bobcats have is to take this out of the spread-it-out, make-it-rain game that Orlando adores and into a painful, brutal grind, something subterranean of the type of game the Celtics aspire to. They need to get so deep beneath the surface into the muck and grime that the sulfer singes their nostrils.”
  • Howard Beck and Jonathan Abrams of Off the Dribble state their cases as to who should be the Defensive Player of the Year and the choice isn’t unanimous between the two of them.
  • Kyle Stack of SLAM ONLINE talks about how more and more NBA arenas are becoming LEED-certified, including the Magic’s new arena: “Henson made similar remarks, citing social responsibility as a primary factor to the importance of becoming a LEED building. […] More teams apparently feel that way, as indicated by the possibility of more LEED arenas in the NBA’s future. The Orlando Magic, who are set to open Amway Center in October, plan on becoming LEED-certified by incorporating features which include remediating a brownfield site that lies adjacent to many high density residential, retail and community developments; installing landscaped plazas at arena entrances; treating storm water runoff; and implementing low-flow plumbing features.”
  • The votes are in at ESPN.com and Dwight Howard was named the Defensive Player of the Year by every single writer except for one. Can you guess who didn’t choose Howard?
Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera

@NC Magic Fan

Yeah, Van Gundy is long overdue to win Coach of the Year.

NC Magic Fan
NC Magic Fan

It is good to see SVG get the credit the deserves. He should have been coach of the year last year (or the year before) but may never get it now if the Magic go on a 10 year tear making the playoffs every year.