Sneak Preview: Orlando Magic at Charlotte Bobcats, Game 4 | Magic Basketball



Apr 26

Sneak Preview: Orlando Magic at Charlotte Bobcats, Game 4

Photo by Kent Smith/NBAE via Getty Images

  • Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel: “The [Orlando] Magic will face Jordan’s desperate team tonight and try to accomplish something never done during the Dwight Howard era: Sweep a playoff series. In fact, the Magic have never won a seven-game series with a sweep — and they’ve had seven chances since 1994. The Magic have recorded only one sweep (3-0) — and that was in a five-game, first-round series against the Detroit Pistons in 1996. With Howard, Orlando’s only legitimate shot at a sweep came in 2008. The Magic won the first two games of their first-round matchup against the Toronto Raptors. But they lost Game 3 in Toronto and eventually ousted the Raptors 4-1. Can they make it their business to care of business tonight?”
  • Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel: “There are hundreds of people hanging out in the lobby of the Dean E. Smith Center on Sunday afternoon for some sort of hospital convention, but only one was wearing a No. 7 J.J. Redick Orlando Magic jersey. And walking through Chapel Hill — the home of the University of North Carolina — while wearing a J.J. Redick jersey is like walking through a yard full of pit bulls while wearing a pair of pork chop boxer shorts. “How dare you wear that jersey on this campus,” one heckler screamed incredulously. “How dare you! That is not acceptable attire around here.” Even though he graduated from Duke five years ago and now plays for the Orlando Magic, Redick might still be the most unpopular person in these parts since those no-good federal revenuers came down 100 years ago to destroy North Carolina’s moonshine stills.”
  • Josh Cohen of “Orlando has relied on the extraordinary play of Jameer Nelson, who twice this series has erupted for 32 points and has only committed three turnovers in the three games combined. Despite leading the series 3-0, Dwight Howard and Vince Carter have not performed like they are accustomed to. Superman fouled out late in the fourth quarter in Game 3 and has not recorded a double-double yet in the series. Carter, meanwhile, has shot 13-of-40 from the field in the three games combined. Before marching on to the conference semifinals, it would be inspirational for each of them to have a monster game.”
  • Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer: “You don’t change a team’s season-long personality with a half-hour of video, but that didn’t stop the coaches from trying. Charlotte Bobcats guard Stephen Jackson called Sunday’s film session “brutal,’’ so you know what they were viewing: Poor ball movement, a pattern of turnovers and a tendency to default to jump shots. That’s what wasted a tremendous defensive effort in Game 3 of this playoff series with the Orlando Magic. Usually when they were beaten this season, those were the causes. Down 3-0, they’re one loss from being swept in their first-ever playoff series. The Magic has been zoning up on defense to the extent NBA rules allow. That became a common tactic versus the Bobcats this season. The Toronto Raptors used the zone extensively against them and word spread around the league.”
  • Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer: “Charlotte is unlikely to beat Orlando Monday night. The Bobcats had their best chance to win Saturday and, frankly, blew it. They are down three games to none in their first-round playoff series, and here’s what happens if they lose. The Magic praises their intensity and hustle, the playoffs go on and the Bobcats do not. The result will be so anticlimactic that by Thursday we’ll forget we had an NBA team in the playoffs. But that’s an improvement over the first five seasons, when we forgot we had an NBA team.”