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May 11

Marcin Gortat on Flickr


Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

There’s no doubt that Marcin Gortat, who prefers to be known as the “Polish Machine,” is one of the more popular players on the Orlando Magic and has really endeared himself to fans of the team in recent years. Gortat’s rags to riches story is one for the history books, given that he’s gone from being a little-used bench player to becoming a key reserve for the Magic and has gotten $34 million richer in the process. Heck of a story, eh?

But wait, it gets better. It’s been recently discovered that Gortat has a Flickr account.

Since the beginning of March, there have been pictures posted not only of Gortat but of his fellow teammates, really nice cars, and more. Check it out for yourself. Knowing that Gortat has a friend or two that is with him, whether it’s at games, practices, or if he’s out and about, it appears he (or they) is the one that has been taking a majority of the photos. Whatever the case may be, getting to see Gortat in a variety of settings is never a bad thing.


Crikey, thats quite a dossier he had to read for the Bobcats series! :)

Cant be surprised it was that thick if it was breaking down all the ways they'd get Howard into foul trouble though. :)

Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera


Out of all the players I've been able to interview over the course of the sixth months I covered the team in person, in total so far, Gortat has been my favorite interviewer. Great sense of humor, very humble, etc.


No problem!


Thanks for sharing. Awesome pictures.


I currently live in Phoenix. . .I can't imagine turning the corner and bumping into Channing Frye or something in the video store aisle. Hilarious.

Great photos. . .its like an inside pass into the NBA. I met Gortat here in December. . .nice guy. Really gracious to the fan (I'd say fans but I was the only Magic fan in US Airways arena).