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May 12

Wednesday’s Magic Word

  • Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel: “Dennis “3-D” Scott has a confession to make: He believes the 2009-10 Orlando Magic are the best team in the history of the franchise — even better than his old Magic club. The gold standard always has been the Shaquille O’Neal-Penny Hardaway team of the mid-90’s that played in the NBA Finals in 1995. […] The Magic have stormed through the playoffs at 8-0, ousting Charlotte and Atlanta. They emerged from the first two rounds last season at 8-5, going 4-2 against Philadelphia and 4-3 against Boston.”
  • Tania Ganguli of the Orlando Sentinel: “Dwight Howard‘s day job (Game 1 of the Magic’s Eastern Conference semifinal) prevented his appearance at last week’s New York City premiere of “Just Wright”, but during an off day on Tuesday, Howard hosted a lower-key premiere for a theater full of fans and a few teammates. “It’s my first movie, I’m excited, I’m happy I don’t know what to say,” Howard said in the theater before thanking Magic shooting guard Vince Carter, small forward Matt Barnes and coach Stan Van Gundy for attending to support him. The movie premieres in theaters on Friday. Howard watched the movie, which stars Queen Latifah and the rapper, Common, from the back row of a theater at the AMC in Altamonte Springs. He sat alongside Carter and Barnes. When he appeared on screen the theater stirred and some clapped. Magic forward Rashard Lewis also appeared in the film.”
  • George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel states that the Orlando Magic are no longer underdogs, but alpha dogs.
  • Dwight Howard thanks everyone for attending his movie premier. In case you were unable to attend the event, here’s a link to some pictures from the proceedings.
  • David Whitley of NBA FanHouse states that the Magic are poised to return to the NBA Finals: “Miami and Orlando were in a hissing match over which city would be the better NBA town. The Miami Herald unleashed Dave Barry. Orlando stood no chance. […] Twenty-one years later, the courtside seats at the Amway Arena are still largely occupied by people who couldn’t carry Jack Nicholson’s forehead. The glamor quotient went up when Tiger Woods showed up and spent the game texting (seriously, the only time he looked up was when Howard was dunking or the Magic Dancers were shaking). Tiger hasn’t shown all season. Apparently, there are problems at home or something. So who will ABC’s cameras fixate on if the Magic make the Finals? I don’t blame the network for wanting the Lakers to play the Cavaliers or Celtics. I’d rather see that than the Magic-Lakers or, zzzz, the Magic-Suns. And I’ve been a proud resident of Orlando for 10 years. It’s a fine place to raise kids, raise mosquitoes, play golf and make fun of snowbirds. But I’d rather see LeBron try to bowl over Kobe than Howard bowl over three Lakers every possession. But what does it matter what I think? The Magic are, you guessed it … “On a mission,” Howard said.”
  • Vince Carter and 16-0? Maybe.

Eddy. . .it would be the best sports moment of my entire life if that happened. My football team (Bucs) have won a Super Bowl, my hockey team (Lightning) have won a Stanley Cup, and I don't have a baseball team (though I like the Rays). A Magic title would be the greatest thing. . .ever.

Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera


It's been fun, yeah. All the Magic need to do now is win a championship.


In regards to 3D. Even after last year, it took me awhile to shake the mid-90s teams as my favorites and the bar in which I set all other Magic teams but this year I finally realized that the 2008-2010 (and hopefully more) Magic are the new bar. It is the most fun I've had watching my team since 1992 and has created it's new form of nostalgia.