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May 17

Monday’s Magic Word

  • Tania Ganguli of the Orlando Sentinel: “Matt Barnes ran before and after practice today, trying to recover the some of the conditioning he lost after back spasms kept him from running for nearly week. He did a workout on an exercise bike after last night’s game, too, attempting the same result. […] Barnes went through a full practice today with the team, but Magic coach Stan Van Gundy said they didn’t do full contact. Pain hasn’t been a problem for Barnes for the last two days, he said. Yesterday’s issue, in addition to fatigue, was that his back felt tight as he played.”
  • Matt Barnes, ladies and gentlemen: “Being 8-0 in the playoffs – I can’t speak for everyone – but we may have been feeling ourselves too much. They kicked our (butts) last night, and now we have to get back to work.”
  • Several players for the Boston Celtics comment on how they don’t choose to pick a poison when defending the Orlando Magic.
  • George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel: “Assuming that [Dwight] Howard doesn’t fall prey to Boston’s shenanigans in the paint, the Magic have plenty of playing time left in the 2010 NBA Playoffs. It starts Tuesday night, with a renewed focus and understanding that the playoffs officially start now. Charlotte and Atlanta were gnats, squatted away with ease. Now comes the nasty. Boston fired the first haymaker. Now Orlando needs a counter-punch.”
  • Josh Cohen of states that the Magic will be ready for Game 2.
  • Sebastian Pruiti of NBA Playbook takes a look at Orlando’s first half three-point shooting and clock management in Game 1. As they say, it’s not a pretty picture … but you’ll learn something.
  • Dwight Howard: “Our main goal was to win every quarter and play harder than the other team. The Celtics played harder than us on Sunday and that’s how they won the game. I know we’ll respond and am not worried one bit. We always find a way to bounce back; I’m confident that we’ll do it again. We understand what we have to do and have already talked about what we need to do to win Game 2. We have to put this game behind us, learn from it, but put it behind us. Trust me, we knew from experience that this was going to be a really tough series. Boston played great against Cleveland and the Celtics are one of the best defensive teams in the league. They are full of vets who know all the little tricks. We had a tough time with them in the playoffs last season and they were tough every time we played them this season, so we knew this series was going to be a dogfight.”
  • Kevin Arnovitz of TrueHoop constructs a must-see video to describe and show, with the help of David Thorpe, as to why Howard struggled to score against the Celtics yesterday.
  • Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post offers his opinion after watching Arnovitz’s vid: “For me, the biggest point Thorpe makes is that Howard is too deliberate with his moves against Boston’s Kendrick Perkins. The video shows that moving slowly against Perkins gives him time to establish a low base and knock Howard away from where he wants to be. It also lets Perkins get away with more physical activity. But when Howard’s on the move, and Perkins is giving him the business? Much more obvious for the officials. So the advantages of moving faster are twofold: Howard will score easier and, at least in theory, draw more fouls.”
  • John Schuhmann of examines the Magic’s low assist total after the first game of the 2010 NBA Eastern Conference Finals.