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May 18

It’s a Make or Miss League


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Via ESPN Stats and Information:

One reason for Orlando’s struggles in Game 1 was its inability to hit jump shots in their half-court offense, which was a strength of the [Orlando] Magic over the course of the regular season and the first couple rounds of the playoffs. They even succeeded on jumpers against the Celtics in the regular season.

FG Pct. Pts. Per Shot
Regular Season 39.4* 1.03*
Regular Season vs. Celtics 38.5 0.99
1st 2 Rds. of Postseason 40.1* 1.02*
Conf. Finals Game 1 32.4 (11/34) 0.79 (27/34)

*Ranked in Top 5 in NBA

jeannine arra
jeannine arra

Gooooo Magic, make us proud, do what has never been done in the NBA before! You can do it, you know you can. Bring back game 7 to the Arena!!

Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera


True, but you can say the same thing for someone on the Celtics like Kevin Garnett and proclaim they would have won by a wider margin.


If Lewis would have hit half his shots, the magic would have won.