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May 25

Tuesday’s Magic Word

  • John Denton of OrlandoMagic.com: “In six years of time together, they have morphed from pups to the Orlando Magic’s unquestioned leaders – Dwight Howard being the heart of the franchise and Jameer Nelson representing its soul. Best friends off the court and co-captains on it, Howard and Nelson ensured that the Magic still have a heartbeat today in the Eastern Conference Finals because they would not let the team fade into oblivion without a fight. There will be at least one more game at Amway Arena, the place where Howard and Nelson grew together into cornerstones of one of the NBA’s elite teams, because of the unbreakable, unflappable will each displayed Monday against the Boston Celtics.”
  • Is Vince Carter‘s legacy on the line?
  • Matt Moore of NBA FanHouse: “After the Finals, the Magic saw a golden opportunity. “Let’s take a player who played well for us, Hedo Turkoglu, and whose contract is expiring, and let’s upgrade to an even better player at a similar, though not identical position!” And so, Vince Carter was brought in, and Courtney Lee and Hedo Turkoglu sacrificed. The plan seemed ingenious. After all, Carter is a better player than Turkoglu, and with all the extra size Orlando brought in with Brandon Bass and Marcin Gortat, many said the Magic were the best roster Nos. 1-10 in the league. They certainly looked like it through the first two rounds of the playoffs. But things change when the defenses intensify, when the style becomes more grinding, more physical, when the separation is a matter of inches and not feet.”
  • It’s safe to say that the Orlando Magic need to run more pick and rolls in Game 5 against the Boston Celtics.
  • John Krolik of ProBasketballTalk chimes in on the Magic’s pick and roll bonanza.
  • Head coach Stan Van Gundy and Doc Rivers are master motivators.
  • Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk: “If the Magic are going to send the series back to Boston for Game 6, then Vince Carter is going to have to step up. He has held the Magic back this series on both ends of the floor, with the key missed free throws in Game 2, and with a 1 for 9 shooting performance in Game 4. This time the Magic were able to overcome it, thanks in large part to J.J. Redick coming off the bench. Carter is still getting inside — five of his nine shots came within five feet of the rim — but he has got to find a way to finish. He has to hit shots over the long arms of the Celtics inside, and he will have to get the jumpers to fall as well.”
  • Rob Mahoney of ProBasketballTalk writes an excellent write-up on Van Gundy’s coaching acumen: “Running Rondo ragged, playing J.J. Redick major minutes, sitting the ice-cold Vince Carter during crucial moments in the fourth quarter — these are the reasons why Stan Van Gundy would have a job even if the Eastern Conference Finals had ended in a sweep. Among the most logical reasons to fire a coach is a distrust in them to make the right adjustments. That has never and will never be the case with Van Gundy. He makes mistakes — with sets, with the rotation, with certain play calls — but he’s a perfectionist that works tirelessly to correct those mistakes. He’s always tinkering, and his willingness to adjust is what makes him so valuable as a head coach.”
  • Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports criticizes Orlando after winning Game 4.
  • Hakeem “The Dream” Olajuwon and Dwight Howard had a chat yesterday.
  • The Magic are fortunate that Paul Pierce decided to go into ‘hero mode’ in the final seconds of the fourth quarter last night. Ray Allen had an excellent chance to end the series if he got the basketball.

We"ll see how Jameer respond tonight. Will he repeat the same show of constant aggression? I didn't get the same feeling that running thru VC mainly will get a win like it was with Jameer, but can VC bounce back in whatever role he takes tonight? If he could produce very well as the 2-3 option instead of 1st, I think Magic will win handily. Dwight has to be Dwight tho, and Rashard has to stay as active as last game.

Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera


Yeah, it's a shame it took them this long to realize it but better late than never.


Been calling that adjustment to mainly use Jameer PnRs since game 1. I'm actually a little mad at SVG and Jameer for not implementing it sooner. Atleast they finally did it and the window is still open.