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Jul 09

Friday’s Magic Word

  • Tania Ganguli of the Orlando Sentinel: ”One of the Matt Barnes’ hallmarks is he’s frank about many things. He likes to bring that to Twitter, too,where he has been letting his followers know that he’d like to come back to the [Orlando] Magic, but has no offer yet. Magic GM Otis Smith is not amused. I asked Smith if it bothered him that Barnes tweets about not getting an offer from the Magic. He thought about it for a second. ‘Wonder why he hasn’t gotten an offer,’ Smith said. ‘If he stopped Tweeting, he might get one. … My preference is to not have your business all over the internet.’ ”
  • General manager Otis Smith: “Competition is competition. I don’t know how you do it any other way. They’re putting together a pretty good team down in Miami. I think it’s good for our league. It’s probably good for us in the long run to have them in our division, because we’ll have to play them a few more times. That’ll only get you ready for what takes place in June. Unless we change the rules, it’s still a team game. Unless we change the rules, we’re still playing with five guys. Unless we change the rules, the event does matter. Let’s not give them a ring so fast. I mean, unless we change the rules, they still have to play together. Somebody’s going to have to take the side seat; somebody’s going to have to be Robin. Unless we change the rules, all those things are going to come into play.”
  • Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post provides commentary on Smith’s comments.
  • The Orlando Magic’s trade exception expires today.
  • More from Ganguli: “There was some scuttlebutt about the Magic and former Knicks forward Al Harrington in the last few days. The Magic did have conversations about a sign-and-trade for Harrington, but those didn’t go anywhere. A source familiar with the negotiations told me it’s “unlikely” the Magic sign Harrington.”
  • Here is how the Al Harrington rumors started.
  • Senior vice president Pat Williams sympathizes with the Cleveland Cavaliers concerning LeBron James’ departure from the franchise after seven years — shades of Shaquille O’Neal leaving Orlando in 1996.
  • Matt Barnes wants to stay with the Magic, even though he’s spoken to the Miami Heat.
  • The battle between Orlando and Miami begins on October 22.
  • John Denton of “Stopping a team with James, Wade and Bosh might be equally overwhelming, but that the task now for the Magic and [Stan] Van Gundy. Orlando has won the past three Southeast Division crowns and appeared in the last two Eastern Conference title rounds, but their superiority could be threatened by Miami’s new firepower. Of course, Miami must still fill out its roster and add pieces around the new “Big Three,” but regardless the Heat will be a formidable opponent for Orlando. […] Smith, the Magic’s GM, said he’s actually excited that Miami’s moves have breathed new life into the Magic-Heat rivalry once again. Smith said the NBA needs more close proximity rivalries like the one brewing now between the Magic and Heat. Smith laughed off the notion that Miami will struggle getting Wade, James and Bosh to play together, noting that “they will figure it out because they are three of the better players in the league.” And Smith said he doesn’t feel pressure to try and counter the Heat’s moves with splashy acquisitions of his own.”