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Jul 09

The Words That Have Changed the Landscape of the NBA

Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera

@just passing

I thought the announcement on ESPN was unnecessary, but that's the only criticism I have about how LeBron handled his free agency. That's was it. It was a great marketing move, though, given that LeBron knew there would be a lot of interest in his decision.

just passing
just passing

Basketball and sports in general is just another business for most. There are many ways to go about your business but that was not one. I don't care if this guy is the best player of the universe, I don't care if his decision as a free agent was to change team. Just don't do it that way.

I hope that they will be a landscape in the NBA in the future not just teams emptying their roster and playing like crap just to get enough cap to sign multiple "superstars". By the way Eddy, I saw in your twitter you wrote that "Anyone that says LeBron is less of an "alpha male" for going to Miami needs to be slapped upside the head." Doesn't James deserves the first slap for putting together this media circus ? or not because it's a great marketing move ?