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Jul 12

Monday’s Magic Word

  • Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel: “The Orlando Magic replaced one well-traveled 30-year-old small forward with another on Monday, signing Quentin Richardson and likely parting ways with Matt Barnes. […] It is believed that Richardson signed a multiyear deal — likely three years — for between $7.5 million to $8 million. He received what remained of the Magic’s mid-level exception after the club signed point guard Chris Duhon last week. Barnes told the Sentinel that he never received an offer from the Magic and is virtually resigned to the fact his stay in Orlando is over. […] [Stan] Van Gundy said that it is his understanding that Richardson’s signing will not directly impact the Magic’s decision to match the Chicago Bulls’ three-year, $19 million offer for [J.J.] Redick.”
  • More from Schmitz: “If they want to keep [Redick] as the heir apparent to Vince Carter (who is off the books at season’s end), they will match Chicago and attempt to perhaps trade other contracts to lessen the blow. Or maybe owner Rich DeVos nods his head, pays Redick without making other sacrficies and the Magic continue to try to add a swing man and a third point guard. The Magic have assets to move. They matched backup center Marcin Gortat last summer and are paying him $34 mil over five years to play about 12 minutes behind Dwight Howard. That’s not bang for your buck, and the same could be said for little-used power Brandon Bass (four years, $16 mil).”
  • Josh Cohen of “Although we still don’t know what each team will exactly look like when the 2010-11 season begins in the Fall, we do know that the Magic and Heat will be two of the best teams in the NBA. NBA analysts and critics are already predicting that the Lakers, Celtics, Magic and Heat will be the top four teams in the league. This will be the first time since the Magic entered the NBA in 1989 – one year after the Heat arrived – that the two Florida franchises will be championship contenders at the same time. Orlando and Miami met in the playoffs just once – but it was just a first round matchup in 1997. This could also be the first long-term rivalry for the Magic. Orlando squabbled with the Chicago Bulls in the mid-90’s, but that really only lasted for two NBA seasons. It’s had a brief enmity with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but that contention is officially over since LeBron is no longer involved.”
  • Reminiscing on Vince Carter’s dunk over Frederic Weis in the 2000 Summer Olympics.
  • Matt Moore of ProBasketballTalk thinks it won’t be easy for the Orlando Magic to re-sign J.J. Redick, given the offer sheet he’s received from the Chicago Bulls is lucrative.
  • Tim Povtak of NBA FanHouse: “Redick, a restricted free agent, received a 3-year, $19 million offer sheet last week from the Chicago Bulls that is front-loaded at $7 million the first year. Magic general manager Otis Smith said over the weekend that he “anticipated” matching the offer to keep Redick, who the Magic made the No. 11 pick in the 2006 Draft. Keeping Redick, though, would be especially costly. Because the Magic already are over the luxury tax limit of $70 million, any money they pay Redick would be doubled under the dollar-for-dollar tax. The offer sheet presented by the Bulls was designed to deter the Magic from matching. With the luxury tax, the Magic would be paying $14 million to keep Redick — unless they can move others off the roster.”
  • According to Rey Jefferson of Dime Magazine, Jameer Nelson and Dwight Howard are the second-best point guard/big man tandem in the NBA: “How many ESPN “Top 10 Plays” need to happen before defenders realize the obvious? If you single-cover Dwight with no weak side help, he’s going to live on alley-oops from Jameer.”
Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera


Redick is the most efficient shooter on the Orlando Magic, and one of the most efficient shooters in the NBA this year. As for Barnes, players like him are a dime a dozen. Barnes' toughness is irrelevant against players like Wade, James, and others, and his inability to shoot the basketball ultimately hurt the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Celtics. With Richardson on board, there's not enough room for Barnes AND Redick.

And it's clear that Otis Smith is choosing Redick.


I strongly believe we must keep JJ and Barnes for two very different reasons.

JJ is a great shooter, but we have other shooters as well. Redick’s value rests with his passing and basketball IQ. For a team with a non-traditional point guard, Redick gives us a lot distributing the basketball. He is by far the team’s best post-entry passer to Dwight. JJ may get exposed now and then, but has worked so hard on defense, that he can NO LONGER be labeled a poor defender. He has gained his coaches trust, and is a solid team defender. 7 million a year is a lot for this year as a back-up, BUT if he starts next year when Vince is shown the door – it’s a good number.

Barnes also must be brought back for his attitude and presence. He got under Kobe’s skin, and he needs to be kept around because of the wings on Miami. You CANNOT contain Wade and Lebron, but I feel the best way to slow them is to throw the kitchen sink at them. Change up who’s guarding them nearly every possession. If we throw around Carter, Air france, Q rich, JJ, and Barnes – possibly something will stick. In the Boston series this year Barnes was very hurt, it would have been nice to see what he could have done.

Thoughts??? Bringing back both redick and barnes will cost the team a ton in luxury, but if Devos can just suck it up one year financially – then 18.5 out of the possibly 20 million dollars the Magic will be over the cap would be gone with Carter.