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Jul 18

Sunday’s Magic Word

  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “So, what will the Orlando Magic do now that they’ve retained J.J. Redick? They’ll add a third point guard to back up starter Jameer Nelson and Chris Duhon. The Magic roster now consists of 12 players. The league-mandated minimum is 13, and the Magic want a third point guard. Magic General Manager Otis Smith indicated that Jason Williams remains in the mix. […] The Magic can use only one of two salary-cap exceptions to sign free agents other than Williams or Anthony Johnson. The biannual exception of up to $2.08 million for next season is available, but it seems unlikely the Magic would spend that kind of money for a third-string player. The Magic instead would use the minimum-salary exception, which tops out at $1.35 million next season for players who have at least 10 years of NBA experience.”
  • Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel: “[Stan] Van Gundy said Redick again will go into training camp as the back-up to Vince Carter, but the coach added that he will look at playing the two together more. Carter would shift to the small-forward spot on those work shifts. Van Gundy said that Redick felt confident the Magic would retain him, but Redick wondered if the club would absorb the huge luxury-tax hit on his deal. If the Magic remain in the tax the next three seasons — a strong likelihood unless they make moves to pare payroll — they could be paying upwards to $30 million for Redick’s contract.”
  • The roster for the Orlando Magic is, more or less, accounted for.
  • The Magic are looking for a third point guard in free agency. Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus lays out some options.