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Jul 20

Tuesday’s Magic Word

  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “For the moment at least, Matt Barnes remains a free agent. As we’ve noted before, the Orlando Magic and the Toronto Raptors cannot execute a sign-and-trade deal that would pay Barnes a first-year salary anywhere close to $4.5 million. On their own, the Raptors don’t have the cap room and no longer have their midlevel exception. The Magic don’t have the cap room either, and their non-Bird exception for Barnes would pay Barnes just $1.92 million for a first-year salary. […] The Raptors and Magic can continue to talk about a sign-and-trade deal, but they just can’t get around the fact that Orlando can only offer Barnes $1.92 million. Officials from the Raptors and Magic are not commenting.”
  • Matt Barnes has some kind words for Magic fans: “Orlando fans are amazing, just absolutely amazing. They’ll always have a special place in my heart. They really accepted me and my family with open arms right from the jump, especially being someone that came in not to replace Hedo, someone who was so loved and respected by the fans, but be one of the guys that would take his spot. I really felt no bitterness and no hate or anything from the fans; I was expecting maybe a little bit.”
  • Eric Freeman of The Baseline states that the Orlando Magic are too stacked: “The Magic don’t have enough minutes for all these players, particularly in the frontcourt. It seems as if they have to trade [Marcin] Gortat and [Brandon] Bass for pennies on the dollar just to avoid locker room trouble. Likewise, if they don’t give [J.J.] Redick what he wants soon, he’ll start to wonder why Orlando matched the Bulls’ offer in the first place. I understand why the Magic want to hold onto as many good players as possible. But when they do so without figuring out a rotation that can fit in every piece they have, they’re asking for trouble. They have a loaded roster, but it might actually be too full of talent given the expectations of everyone involved.”
  • Penny Hardaway’s comeback bid is over.
  • Britt Robson of Sports Illustrated is not a fan of the Chris Duhon signing: “With starting point guard Jameer Nelson often dinged or substantially hurt, the backup floor general for Orlando — which remains an elite Eastern Conference contender — is a vital. Duhon is a decent defender and takes care of the ball, but he hasn’t shot better than 42.1 percent in his six seasons, with a career mark of 39.3 percent. That’s not going to foster the spacing coach Stan Van Gundy prefers in his half-court sets. And with a four-year contract, it’s a long-term gamble and only a minor short-term upgrade over Jason Williams.”
  • Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk wonders if Brandon Bass is a good fit or not with the Magic.
  • J.J. Redick is ready to start.
  • Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post: “In the coming days, Orlando Magic GM Otis Smith will consider the third-string point guard options available in free-agency, and he indicated last week that he would indeed “sit still for a week or so, let some things shake out” before making any moves. Chris Quinn is merely one possibility who merits attention, but he might be the best one. Quinn spent last season with the New Jersey Nets after the Miami Heat dumped his salary on them; he played just 223 minutes over 25 games after the trade, meaning his stock may never have been lower. But as recently as the 2008/09 season, Quinn posted solid shooting and playmaking numbers, indicating he might be a hand-in-glove fit for Orlando.”
  • Dwight Howard is “hard in the paint.”
Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera


Ridnour is going to fall flat on his face with the Timberwolves. Not only because he's a poor fit in the triangle offense, but he's going to regress to the mean statistically. I don't think the Magic will be missing Ridnour too much.


Fingers crossed Nelson stays healthy, then.

Given what Ridnour ended up signing for, I'm even more disappointed with the Duhon deal.

Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera


Chemistry and ego problems? No offense, but I think you're overreacting. J.J. Redick wants to start, sure, but he's not going to do anything that's going to jeopardize the success of the team. That's not the type of person that Redick is.

Not sure is Chris Duhon is going to make a difference in preventing the Magic from blowing leads and what not. That problem was fixed later in the season, anyway. After the All-Star break, Orlando began to finish teams off in a ruthless manner rather than let them hang around.

Sorry that I can't respond to each of your points, but I will mention real quick that it's doubtful that Jason Williams returns. Williams wants more than a third-string role, as @Will mentioned.


Hey HulKK,

I didn't have time to read the whole thing so I'll comment on a few things:

1) I like Jason Williams but he was a no-show in last years playoffs, even in the sweeps (if memory serves). So, I like him for the regular season no doubt and if he's a third string, he might not play in the playoffs so maybe, in the end, it's okay. But something tells me he wouldn't want to be a third stringer.

2) As I've said in others posts: If I had to choose PERSONALLY over Bass or Anderson I'd trade Anderson but if I were thinking tactically and with a brain in my head, I'd trade Bass.


WOW! I think JJ can start on a NBA basketball team but not for the Magic if they're seriously wanting to contend for a championship. I think people get waaaaayyy too caught up in that whole "fan favorite" thing. I don't think starting JJ at SG and Vince at SF will win a championship. JJ knows he can start but should he for the Magic? NO! I knew this was going to happen that's why I felt they should have let him go. Here comes the chemistry and ego problems.*smh* JJ plays tough defense to the best of his ability but he is STILL a defensive liability against the teams that count.

Also how about Orlando just put Ryan Anderson on the same diet plan as Howard and work on his defensive skills ALL summer and trade bass so we don't have this "Bass or Anderson" issue. OR! Just encourage Bass to continue to work hard until 2013 when Rashard will be gone. Then Bass can compete for starter or back-up min. I know Bass wants to play now and is ready but somebody should talk to him about the BIG picture. He's only 25ys old. There's plenty of time for him to start along side Dwight and maybe contend for championships.

I'm so tired of people dissing Chris Duhon. He played under a system that was best for him in Chicago early but his last few yrs in NY shouldn't be TOTALLY counted against him and singled out because of his low shooting percentages, considering Dan Antoni doesn't focus on defense and Chris is a defensive PG. That up tempo pace basketball that Chris played in NY wasn't suitable for his style of play. Chris can actually shoot the ball and score pretty good. He proved that at Duke and in spurts in Chicago. Does anybody remember how many leads Orlando BLEW/ ALMOST BLEW last yr? That's the main reason Otis signed a low turnover, defensive back-up PG! Did people for get that defense wins championships?

As for 3rd PG, why is it even a question? Just bring Jason Williams back! He's a familiar face, he knows how Stan wants the offense ran, he's a fan favorite, he has veteran leadership and championship experience. Plus I heard he doesn't want to leave Florida because he doesn't want to be too far away from his family who is located right here in central Florida.

But yea I say work on Ryan's defense and get his body in shape to bang with the big PF's and trade Bass. Because the spread PF looks like its going to stay in Orlando's offense for as long as Bosh plays PF for the Heat. It causes MAJOR match-up problems for opposing teams by limiting their defense of rebound opportunities (PF is closing out on a 3pt shooting PF) and it frees up Dwight for offense and offensive rebounds.