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Jul 22

Thursday’s Magic Word

  • Adly Santiago of “During the offseason many basketball players go on vacation to rest from a grueling regular season. Others spend time working with their charities, while a select few are able to juggle that responsibility along with conducting basketball camps. One of those players is Vince Carter, an eight-time All-Star, Olympic Gold Medalist and NBA Slam Dunk Champion. Since his earlier years as an NBA player in Toronto, Carter has run his basketball academy during the summer to help kids in the community learn how to play basketball and improve their skills. As an Orlando Magic player, Carter now has the opportunity to bring his academy to his hometown of Daytona Beach, where he’s now spending some time with kids in the city that saw him grow as an athlete and become one of the top players in the NBA. As a member of the Magic, he has been able to participate in the organization’s summer camps and help participants develop their skills during a week-long training session with staff and coaches from the National Basketball Academy.”
  • If you were the New Orleans Hornets, would you trade Chris Paul?
  • Matt Moore of gives the Orlando Magic a C- for their off-season: “Without any adjustments, and with how much better the East has gotten, it’s hard to argue that the Magic have improved by not subtracting. Chris Duhon might be considered an upgrade over Jason Williams, but we’re talking inches, not miles, and Quentin Richardson brings better three point shooting than Matt Barnes. That may be the best addition the Magic made, adding another shooter that provides an alternative reason not to play Vince Carter when he goes in a hole. But all in all, for a franchise that has spent the money to contend, they simply haven’t done enough to get there.”
  • Behold, an uninformed comment from a SLAM ONLINE writer: “Quentin Richardson to Magic. Who cares; he’s not helping. Just like Vince Carter didn’t help. He’s slow and fat now and doesn’t have the shooting touch he once had so I don’t see him as being much help to the Magic.”
  • Who is on Paul’s demand list?
  • Tom Haberstroh of ESPN Insider labels the Magic’s signing of Quentin Richardson a steal: “LeBron’s sub-max contract is a no-brainer for this slot, but the two-time MVP was slated to be the best deal of the summer even before free agency began, given the league’s restrictions on player salary. Instead, it’s worth pointing out that the Magic just signed Richardson, a perfect fit for their four-out system, for less than $3 million annually. In a seller’s market in which Wesley Matthews, an undrafted rookie, received a $34 million deal, it’s a veritable bargain. The 30-year-old drilled 142 3-pointers at a 39.7 percent clip last season in Miami, and he should help alleviate the void left by Matt Barnes, who is expected to leave Orlando this summer. It’s a low-risk, solid-reward move that goes largely unnoticed in this free-agency climate. It’s also the type of signing championship contenders need to make.”
  • Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk: “Orlando has already made a run at Paul during the “he’s available/no he isn’t” game the Hornets and their ownership played earlier this summer. They offered Jameer Nelson as the heart of a solid package, but they could also throw in bigs like Brandon Bass or Martin Gortat. The Paul/[Dwight] Howard pick and roll would be the best in the league from day one.”
  • More Paul-to-Orlando scenarios: “This one’s been out there for a while. The Magic have the right combination of talent, contracts, and assets to maneuver into position for Paul. They can send back a versatile shooting point guard to help with the transition of Darren Collison. They can send Vince Carter and his expiring contract, along with a significant player at shooting guard to pair with Marcus Thornton. They still have draft picks in the can, have expendable players with talent like Marcin Gortat and Brandon Bass. It puts an elite player next to Dwight Howard and matches the upgrade the Heat have made, and potentially gives them an advantage over the Celtics in terms of talent. The question would be if Paul could function inside the unique spacing the Magic employ, which primarily functions on a series of swing passes. There’s no question he’d be dominant in the pick and roll with Howard.”
  • Royce Young of thinks that the Magic have the “ideal” assets to acquire Paul.
  • Otis Smith, the 17th-best general manager in the NBA.

  • Sean Sweeney of Dime Magazine: “Apparently, Orlando is number two on Paul’s wish list, probably because of the presence of Dwight Howard and their well-established winning foundation. Howard catching lobs from Paul off the screen and roll would be insane. And with Rashard Lewis spotting up on the wing, the point guard would have multiple scoring options. Ironically, for all of the talent the Magic already have, Paul would probably flourish even more individually at Disney. The team is itching for a perimeter playmaker. Howard is obviously not comfortable leading the team offensively and would hurt his wrists from how hard he would be dunking Paul’s lobs.”

  • According to Chris Broussard of, Orlando is second on Paul’s list.
Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera


I'm assuming you meant Smith.

@The Stan ‘Stache

It'd be one heck of a battle, that's for sure.


Not a bad idea. Don't want to set yourself up for disappointment.


I need to stop reading this Chris Paul stuff because the more I read about it the more I'm starting to see it in my mind and that means, if it falls through, the more I'll be dissapointed. I'm ignoring any Chris Paul news from now on unless it says 'Chris Paul signs with the Magic today'.

The Stan 'Stache
The Stan 'Stache

Can you imagine Paul (in a Magic jersey) v. Rondo in the playoffs? A (relevant) playoff battle centered around PG's. That would be so much fun to watch.


So I love Jameer. He's my favorite player and I'll be his fan as long as he's in the nba. If Orlando has any chance of getting Paul, they need to do everything they can to get him. It's just an opportunity you don't pass on.


Wow. They put Donnie Walsh in front of Van Gundy. He said wins don't prove a good G.M. Really? Why? Waste of time.