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Jul 27

Tuesday’s Magic Word

  • Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post: “The Orlando Magic have drawn attention for their three-point-oriented offense under head coach Stan Van Gundy since he took over in 2007, and for good reason. The Magic love the three-ball and have made it a staple of their offense, setting an NBA record for three-pointers made in a single season in their most recent campaign, while ranking third in three-point accuracy. The high-volume, high-percentage attack seems to work well. And it appears to have gotten more potent this offseason. Orlando split its mid-level exception on point guard Chris Duhon and small forward Quentin Richardson, who will replace Jason Williams and Matt Barnes, respectively, in the coming seasons. In this way, the Magic have replaced two poor three-point shooters with two above-average ones. Prior to last season, Barnes shot 33.2% from beyond the arc in his career, while Williams connected on 32.5% of his triple tries. Their replacements are considerably more accurate, and give the Magic two rotation players at four positions who have shot between 35.9% and 39.2% for their careers.”
  • Dwight Howard doesn’t think the Miami Heat will be the best team in the NBA next year.
  • Tom Ziller of NBA FanHouse: “Here’s the thing: Okafor’s contract isn’t that bad. The forward-center is overpaid, sure, but who isn’t? There are numerous high-dollar contracts worse than that of Okafor. We all know teams pay premiums for big men, especially ones who can defend the rim. Okafor, despite his flaws as an offensive player, is among the league’s best paint defenders. He’s a rebounding savant (despite his sub-peak height) and a smart rotator and help defender. He makes teams better, and again, big men who make teams better get paid. The center Okafor replaced in New Orleans, Tyson Chandler — he gets paid as much as Okafor. […] New Orleans seems saddled with Okafor for the foreseeable future, given that the Magic (a team that gave Rashard Lewis $120 million, mind you) has told FanHouse’s Tim Povtak they wouldn’t take on Okafor’s contract to get Paul. Ah, and there’s the real issue. Okafor is better than Chandler, and was much better than Chandler last season. But Chandler’s contract expires in 2011 while Okafor’s seems interminable. (For the record, Okafor’s deal expires in 2014)”
  • Get to know more about general manager Otis Smith and head coach Stan Van Gundy.