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Aug 04

An Addendum to Tracy McGrady’s Career, Featuring Grant Hill


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Given that today’s topic at Magic Basketball centers around Tracy McGrady, I wanted to shed light on a post I wrote at Orlando Pinstriped Post nearly a year and a half ago. I’ve written thousands of posts since I started covering the Orlando Magic almost two years ago, and this is one of my all-time favorite pieces because it pertains to Grant Hill and the ‘what if?’ scenario.

Here’s a snippet:

Grant Hill.

For Orlando Magic fans, the mere utterance of the name naturally provokes a myriad of emotions to come out. However, there is one emotion that I want to capture. Curiosity.

By definition, curiosity is the state of wanting to learn more about something.

In the case of Hill, I’ve been curious of one thing. What if Hill was completely healthy during his tenure in Orlando. What would the end result be, for both him and the team? I always thought of the scenario in my brain, but I could never come up with any type of empirical data “on paper” to see how things would have played out for the Magic (mea culpa). Sure, I knew that the team would improve its performance on the court with a healthy, in-his-prime Grant Hill paired with a budding superstar in Tracy McGrady, but by how much? What could have Orlando fans expected to see from their squad? When the Magic front office invested in both Hill & McGrady, what could the maximum returns have been?

Well, I can say that I am able to provide answers to all those questions.

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Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera

@Billy (slickw143)

Yeah, I figured more people would want to read it.


A lot of 'what if?' scenarios, that's for sure.


Really? I liked them, actually.


Off topic but looking at those pics MAN I hated those uniforms!


A depressing reminder of what could’ve been.

Yeah thats our history if your a Magic fan. Great players that could been better. What if Anderson hit his foul shots? What if Penny never got injured? same question...Grant Hill? What if Shaq stayed? What if Tim Duncan came here? What if Courtney Lee hit the layup at buzzer in Finals? This stuff is sad think especially (the choke 95 finals and Penny's injuries) but since we still good teams it gives me hope.

Billy (slickw143)
Billy (slickw143)

Ahhh, this article again... A depressing reminder of what could've been.