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Aug 06

Shaquille O’Neal Joins Another Conference Rival


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Via Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinel:

Shaquille O’Neal’s career should have had the perfect fairytale ending.

He should be finishing his NBA career where he started it all those years ago — right here in Orlando, trying to help the Magic win that elusive championship.

He could have gone out as a hero here. He could have been a mentor and a backup to Dwight Howard. He could have announced his retirement at the end of a ticker-tape parade in the city he and his mother still call home.

Instead, he will end his career as an over-the-hill hired gun in Boston, where he was signed for a minimum salary by the Celtics — a big, burly insurance policy mostly to provide six fouls against Howard and the Lakers’ big men. […]

Now that he’s in Boston, you just wonder how long it will take Shaq to say something disparaging about Bill Russell or irk coach Doc Rivers with his selfishness and laziness. Prediction: The Celtics may be happy Shaq is coming to town, but they will be even happier when he leaves town in two years.

Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera

@Mikeyho, @Captwes213

Shaq has a two-year contract with Boston. We'll see.

@Billy (slickw143)

No, not at all.


Here here Bianchi!

@Billy: No and no.

Billy (slickw143)
Billy (slickw143)

Were we wanting him to come back? I mean, when was that a possibility?



Leaves league in one year is my guess.


Leaves town in one year is my guess.