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Aug 09

Let the Projections Begin


Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Via Royce Webb and Matt Wong of ESPN.com:

We kick off our third annual Summer Forecast series with the conference that has created so much commotion in the past few weeks.

Since the Los Angeles Lakers completed their second straight championship run, the NBA has been all about the East, with six of the top seven free agents signing with Eastern Conference teams, including a certain triumvirate in Miami.

To look ahead at the 2010-11 season and beyond, we asked 93 of ESPN’s best basketball minds for their forecasts, including contributors from ESPN television and radio, ESPN The Magazine, ESPN Insider, ESPN Stats & Information, ESPN Deportes, ESPN Multimedia, ESPN Fantasy, ESPN Interactive Games, ESPN DB and ESPN.com.

Here’s what was said about the Orlando Magic, who are projected to finish 56-26 and second in the Eastern Conference behind the Miami Heat (five games, to be exact):

The Magic stumbled vs. the Celtics in the East finals, but this is much the same team that won five series the past two postseasons. Orlando might have some magical maneuvers left, perhaps shipping out Vince Carter and/or finding a way to get Chris Paul. Until then, given Miami’s summer, Orlando reverts to dangerous sleeper status.

The predictions have only just started.

magicfan inTN
magicfan inTN

Great job matching Jameer's bored/indifferent/cool/"who cares" head-scratching photo to this post. Nice.

Predictions are only predictions. If people were real good at making predictions, gambling odds would always be 1-1. Gotta play the games.