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Aug 16

Monday’s Magic Word

  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “The Orlando Magic announced Monday that they have signed second-round draft pick Stanley Robinson. Team officials would not disclose terms of the contract, but the small forward said he signed a non-guaranteed deal. […] Robinson’s contract is believed to be worth $473,604 for the 2010-11 season, but for him to start earning that salary, he would have to make the regular-season roster. Non-guaranteed contracts will become guaranteed for the remainder of the season on Jan. 10. Orlando already has 13 players on its roster with guaranteed contracts. Magic President of Basketball Operations Otis Smith has said Robinson will have an opportunity to make the team if he plays well during the preseason.”
  • The Orlando Magic have a new head athletic trainer.
  • Josh Cohen of “Some words that describe Marcin Gortat on Saturday: Outstanding, brilliant, dominant and menacing. The Polish Machine erupted for 29 points on 12-of-14 shooting from the field and added seven rebounds, three assists and two blocked shots to catapult Poland (2-2) to a demolishing 93-73 triumph over previously unbeaten Belgium in EuroBasket qualifying action. Even more dazzling for the Orlando Magic’s backup center, he carried out this effort in front of his hometown fans in Lodz, Poland.”
  • General manager Otis Smith speaks out on whether or not Magic rookies Daniel Orton and Stanley Robinson will spend any time in the D-League. Dan Savage of has the report: “The Magic have used their D-League affiliate the past two seasons as much as I’ve used my winter wardrobe since moving down to Orlando. They haven’t touched it at all. In fact, the last time the Magic made a D-League transaction was when they recalled Marcin Gortat from the Anaheim Arsenal on Dec. 2, 2007. Since that time they’ve been affiliated with three different squads – the Bakersfield Jam, Reno BigHorns and New Mexico Thunderbirds – and haven’t made a single move. But that trend could change this season. With two raw rookies on its current roster – Daniel Orton and Stanley Robinson – Orlando could opt to give its young players some court time with the T-Birds. […] While Orton, the team’s first round pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, would clearly see more game action down in the minors, the organization believes he might be better served battling Dwight Howard and Gortat on a day-to-day basis in practice. Not only would Orton face a higher level of competition, but the sessions would also aid him in picking up Magic Head Coach Stan Van Gundy’s system.”
  • Learn more about True Shooting Percentage.
  • Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post chimes in on a rumor involving Courtney Lee: “I believe that the Magic are at least intrigued with the idea of bringing Lee, whom coach Stan Van Gundy trusted as the team’s top perimeter defender in 2009, back. I don’t believe even for a second that they’d consider losing Vince Carter or Rashard Lewis to get him, though. Sending Carter to the Rockets in a salary dump makes sense to a degree, but the shooting guard the Magic would want in return is the hyper-efficient Kevin Martin, not Lee, and it’s doubtful that Houston would part with Martin at such a low cost. And as for the Magic trading Lewis? He’s too valuable to this team, though if Ingram’s right, you can count the Rockets among the teams willing to take on the $63 million left on his deal. Remember, they pursued him heavily in 2007 before he ultimately signed with the Magic.”
  • Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated gives Orlando a C for their off-season.
  • Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk: “Stanley Robinson is the kind of guy teams should take a shot at in the second round — no doubt this guy is an NBA-level athlete. He needs more skills and more polish — he needs some coaching and time in the gym — but the foundation is there. The Orlando Magic took him with the next-to-last pick in the draft (N0. 59) and now have signed him to a deal. While the team has not officially disclosed that deal, this is certainly a make-good contract. Meaning he has to make the team in camp, this is not a guarantee.”
  • Dwight Howard talks about India.
  • Despite a disappointing series against the Boston Celtics in the 2010 NBA Eastern Conference Finals, the Magic performed well against playoff-caliber teams during the regular season.
  • Creative financing in the NBA, brought to you by Sham Sports: “Orlando has a $92 million payroll because the father of creative financing, Otis Smith, can’t creative finance to save his life. The Magic’s ownership just keep cutting him bigger and bigger checks, letting him sign and retain whoever he wants and whatever the cost is. It’s kind of ludicrous, yet such generosity has allowed the Magic to assemble a competitive team, more with financial muscle than craft. (If you’re a Magic fan who doesn’t thank ownership every day for this, there’s something wrong with you. Organisations win championships.) However, is there a limit to this spending? By matching Chicago’s offer sheet to J.J. Redick, Orlando will be CTCing for $15 million this year just on Redick, after the luxury tax and signing bonus are taken into account; all that for a backup shooting guard. Was that the final straw? If it wasn’t, perhaps it should have been.”
Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera

@Adelson del Enso Bredy

Easier said than done.

Adelson del Enso Bredy
Adelson del Enso Bredy

Who wouldn't want Melo and Chris Paul to Orlando, It would be a lot better match up with the Heat! They need to hurry and trade to get him down here.

Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera


Notoriously known to play better after February.

I wonder if that is actually true.

@magicfan inTN

I'm sure Orton will get some playing time in the D-League, depending on how the schedule works out for the Magic. I don't think Otis is opposed to that.


Yeah, Orton and Robinson are very raw players -- especially on offense. Van Gundy's track record for developing players is great, so I'm curious to see how things pan out for the rookies (that is, if Robinson makes the team or not).


The real NBA never left. It's always been here.

I think it's a little foolish to overreact about Anthony.


I'm more concerned right now with Carmelo being shipped to the Eastern Conference. If he goes to NY then I'm sure/guarantee Chris Paul will be right behind him. The thought of a second 3 headed monster team in the East is all bad. What happen to the REAL NBA?


The thing is that there's no reason Orton (or Robinson) can't have both - send them down to the D-league for a couple of weeks at a time, get them three or four games, maybe 100-120 minutes, and see if what they're working on at training is paying off.

I guess since Gortat we've not really had any young kids on the development path to send down, though. This will be a good test of Orlando's coaching and GM-ing, I think.

magicfan inTN
magicfan inTN

Heh. I haven't had time to read all of Sham's "Creative Financing" bit yet, but that snippet has the sound of sour grapes over the Magic matching the offer from his beloved Bulls.

And, I understand (& largely agree with) the idea of Orton improving by matching up against Dwight and Gortat in practice, but isn't there some stretch of the season where he'd just benefit from some playing time in the D-League? I've never understood Otis' aversion to it.


For Carter it could be a wait and see situation before the mid season trade deadline appears, VC is notorously known for playing better after february which makes a 50/50 decision whether his staying or be traded, I rather want him to stay with the Magic and I hope that he will play better this season.


Don't understand why they wouldn't trade Vince for C. Lee? (Although I wouldn't do it either) Where are all the fans insisting that JJ is a starter and some even argued that he should start and move Vince to the starting SF (or even bring him off the bench)

Anyway, I know this is probably a stretch but what do you think about the Magic pursuing Carmelo? Maybe in a trade? I ask because they're way in the luxury tax for Vince and Rashard so why not be in the luxury tax for somebody that 's worth it?