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Sep 02

The Future Appears Bright for Chris Duhon


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Via Marc Normandin of Basketball Prospectus:

Chris Duhon was a replacement-level player last season with the New York Knicks, but there is reason to believe he can improve on that. He will be the backup point guard behind Jameer Nelson in Orlando, and is projected to see improvements to both his Offensive Rating (from 106.3 to 107.2) and his Defensive Rating (down to 106.8 from 107.2). Duhon is projected for 3.3 WARP—using Tom Haberstroh’s reference point of $2M per win in this offseason’s market, Duhon is making about half as much money as he could be worth this season. […]

SCHOENE sees increased usage in Orlando and shooting that more closely resembles Duhon’s 2008-09 than his previous campaign—it’s easy to see why he will improve. The roster around him is significantly different than what he was playing with in New York thanks to Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, and Vince Carter, three scorers whom Duhon can feed. There will be less pressure on Duhon from the opposing team’s defense because of the presence of this trio, and having someone who can stretch the defense like J.J. Redick on the second unit also bodes well for his game. Context is important when projecting performance, and moving from a team that didn’t win 30 games to one that reached the conference finals is a significant contextual leap.

That’s good news for Chris Duhon.

Last season, Jason Williams pumped out a WARP of 2.1 so if Duhon can come close or exceed that number, it bodes well for the Orlando Magic. Granted, Williams was good value because he was (and still is) signed to the veteran’s minimum but the point remains.

Relative to his contract, the Magic may have found another bargain in Duhon.

Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera


I don't think it's a sure thing. Still have to wait and see.


There's no question that Duhon will do a way better job than Jason Williams did last year.