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Sep 03

Friday’s Magic Word

  • Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post: “Let us not get it twisted: Miami’s goal this summer was to play catch-up with the [Orlando] Magic, Boston Celtics, L.A. Lakers, and the rest of the league’s elite. Orlando’s core players were already in place. In Dwyane Wade, Miami had but one. That’s a huge distinction. Remember, the Magic made over their roster in 2007 with the addition of Rashard Lewis, using the salary-cap space that freed up once Grant Hill’s contract expired. They further adjusted it last summer by trading for Vince Carter. Given their salary structure, and the constraints the NBA salary cap imposes, there’s no way they could have reasonably expected to land a premiere free agent this summer. Instead, they split the mid-level exception on [Chris] Duhon and [Quentin] Richardson, drafted Daniel Orton, re-signed Jason Williams, and called it a summer. In more abstract terms, they added two rotation players, drafted a project, and retained a third-stringer. Minor tweaks to an already elite roster.”
  • Want to learn more about pace? Click here.
  • Apparently, Chris Duhon is set to earn $1.5 million more than he should.
  • Tom Haberstroh of Hardwood Paroxysm quantifies shot selection by position: “We want to outgrow the conventions of traditional positions but let’s see if we can observe divisions in the first place.  Hoopdata breaks down shot types into 5 buckets: at the rim (layups and dunks), <10 feet, 10-15 feet, 16-23 feet, and 3-point shots.  Here’s how the five positions look, in terms of percentage of shots in each location.  So what does a point guard’s shot makeup look like compared to a shooting guard? Where do we see the biggest disparities between positions?”
  • More Rashard Lewis highlights.