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Sep 08

Wednesday’s Magic Word

  • Via John Denton of “The incurable cancer that has ravaged Kay Kellogg’s body has forced her to contemplate death much sooner than she would have preferred, but the bright and bubbly 62-year-old Orlando Magic fan has vowed that when her time’s up she will leave with a smile on her face. […] [Dwight] Howard, Orlando’s consensus All-NBA center, brought a ray of happiness to Kellogg recently when he visited her at her Orlando home. Kellogg was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells in the bone marrow, on Aug. 8, and unfortunately there is no long-term cure for the disease. […] Orlando’s star center has been a busy man this summer, twice traveling to China for Adidas and an acting role in a basketball movie. He also was in India as part of a promotional tour for the NBA and he’s been in New York and Los Angeles filming a television show and recording a children’s music album. But upon hearing Kellogg’s story, Howard made it a point to visit one of his biggest fans. Howard was scheduled to stay at Kellogg’s house for 30 minutes, but ended up hanging around for almost two hours. The two of them talked cooking, free throw shooting and life. Kellogg said she avoided talking about her cancer diagnosis, but she was touched at how Howard’s mood shifted from playful to serious when she would grimace because of pain in her body.”
  • Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk thinks Adonal Foyle is the perfect man for the job as the director of player development for the Orlando Magic.
  • Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post: “Marc Stein of reports that EA has released the rosters for Eastern Conference teams in the new version of the NBA Jam videogame. Vince Carter, Dwight Howard, and Rashard Lewis are the Orlando Magic players available, though the team also boasts two legends in Nick Anderson and Scott Skiles. Today, our question is simple: which potential combination–remember, NBA Jam is a two-on-two, arcade-style game–of Magic players are you most excited to use in the new game? There are ten possible combinations, and I’ve listed each in the poll attached to this post.”
  • Go vote at OPP!
  • More on the good three-point shooter/bad free-throw shooter phenomenon from Neil Paine of Basketball-Reference: “I always felt that FT% is the best indicator of pure shooting form, since unless the player resorts to a gimmicky, Rick Barry-style approach, it’s just him, his mechanics, and a basket 15 feet away. Meanwhile, 3P% can be influenced by so many more factors, depending on the player’s style of play and/or role in the offense; for instance, look at Jason Kidd’s magical transformation from a guy nicknamed “Ason” to a 43% 3-point shooter (!!!) in Dallas. FT% is far less dependent on contextual effects, which seems to make it a better indicator of a player’s underlying skill.”
  • Trey Kerby of Ball Don’t Lie comments on the feel-good story involving Kay Kellogg and Dwight Howard: “Occasionally stories come around that push your sadness buttons just enough that your eyes get a bit misty, while at the same time the same story activates your smile sensors because it’s about someone doing something good for another person. You know what I’m talking about.”
Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera


Indeed, he is.


Yeah, I'm surprised he wasn't in the game but Scott Skiles was. No offense to Skiles, who is a Magic legend in his own right ... but it's Penny.


WHAT! No Penny Hardaway on NBA JAMS?! I was going to buy it but never mind.


Dwight is a true role model.