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Sep 09

Who Knew Flushing Toilets Could Be So Much Fun?

Fernando Medina, Orlando Magic

Via the Orlando Magic:

The new Amway Center in downtown Orlando met another milestone as the traditional “Royal Flush” was held September 8, 2010 at 10:00 a.m. at the construction site. The purpose of the Drano “Royal Flush” event was to observe sanitary sewer flows, water consumption and pressure in and around the arena. Approximately 443 toilets were flushed simultaneously; there are 18 men’s and 19 women’s restrooms in the new Amway Center, compared to just four of each in the old facility. […]

Orlando Magic Center Dwight Howard poses with the students from Nap Ford Community School for the Drano “Royal Flush”. More than 150 people participated in the event with approximately 443 toilets flushing simultaneously. The new Amway Center will have 18 men’s and 19 women’s restrooms. Overall, there are nearly 1,200 plumbing fixtures in the new Amway Center including approximately 560 toilets / urinals, 430 sinks, and 210 other-type fixtures, including drink fountains, showers, and disposals.

Flushy Sullivan
Flushy Sullivan

Looks like it was a lot of fun for the kids. There's nothing like a good flush to put a smile on your face. That's why I've added a Basketball theme to our hilarious Flushy Collection at http://FunFlush.com Check it out!!