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Sep 13

Monday’s Magic Word

  • Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post: “[J.J.] Redick didn’t waste much time announcing himself as a legitimate contributor last season. Making an emergency start in place of Vince Carter, who missed the game due to a sprained right ankle suffered two nights earlier, Redick played a team-high 45 minutes. And, uh, produced a line that even a healthy Carter may not have been able to match: 27 points, five rebounds, and six assists to Redick, who mixed three-point bombing (five-of-eight from beyond the arc) with aggressive drives during which he looked to draw contact, or at least attention, for a kickout. And yeah, the Raptors scored 116 points, but that’s not on Redick: their starting frontcourt poured in 80 of those points, so it wasn’t like Redick was a liability at the other end.”
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the photo shoot for the Orlando Magic dancers.
  • Matt Moore of ProBasketballTalk takes a look at the aftermath of Pat Riley and Stan Van Gundy‘s war of words: “So who’s on target here? Well, the answer is both. The criticism against the Heat has been more than a little ridiculous, considering they’ve broken no laws, and done nothing that a vast majority of people would do: choose to work with their friends in a tax-free state with a higher professional ceiling. “The Decision” aside, most of the comments have been purposely inflammatory. But SVG has a point that Riley hasn’t exactly been squeaky clean throughout his career and calling the presser certainly doesn’t look like he ignores the press. Expect a lot more of this this type of side-mouth work from both the Heat and their critics this season. The new reality in the NBA is going to take some time to adjust to.”
  • Rob Peterson of NBA FanHouse: “This is a fight, however, Van Gundy can’t win no matter how right he is or how right he believes he is. It’s a matter of public relations and public perception. As incredible and as honest as he is with the press, Van Gundy comes off as the classic shlumpy grinder. He’s a guy who bends the game to his will with an impeccable white board and unassailable basketball mind. In Riley, you have a guy who loves to live his part as impresario and hoops taste-maker. The man can coach because he can adapt. Have the best athletes on the planet? Showtime! Have a bunch of no talent hacks, with the exception of an All-Star center? Meet the early ’90s Knicks. Add to that he has five rings as a head coach, all achieved in bespoke suits without breaking a sweat. […] That may be the biggest rub of this whole thing. Van Gundy’s excited retort stems from fear as much as it does loathing of Riley and his assemblage of max-contract mercenaries. Outside of the 15,000 true Heat fans, no one liked the signings and often weren’t quiet about it. “
  • The “bad blood is already building up” between the Magic and the Miami Heat.
  • Want to see Shaquille O’Neal highlights circa 1994? Now you can.
Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera

@hulKK, @Andy

Not even possible. Salaries don't match. Besides, the Blazers would never do that trade straight-up even if the salaries did match.


This is a really good idea...


What about a V. Carter & R. Fernandez trade?