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Sep 21

Dwight Howard is Hard at Work


Photo by Fernando Medina


Some of these pictures are intense.

In all seriousness though, the anticipation surrounding the start of a new NBA season is growing by the day. And for Dwight Howard, it will ultimately be up to him to lead the Orlando Magic to the promised land.

As the pictures vividly show, Howard is taking the task very seriously. Wherever Howard is, and in this case it’s back in Orlando, he’s putting in the time and energy to try to be the best player he can be. For Magic fans, that’s all they can ask for from their franchise center.


Did I say "he's been strictly busy with extracurricular activities"? - No.

I said he's not had "Kobe-like dedication" towards self-improvement. Having a trainer with him is something any starter a franchise has invested into should have, nevertheless the superstar a championship depends on should have. He may have done enough, and I believe we still have the potential for him to focus and grow throughout the season, but the summer months could have been better utilized. Spending a week with Hakeem is great. Spending a week with Malone is great.

But he's also spent a few weeks in India, China, filming, going to video game conferences, sporting new clothes, getting on TV, etc. He certainly hasn't done "strictly" extracurricular activities. He has done everything that would be expected of him, but as you've said, for us to get past Miami, LA and Boston, he's really going to need to exceed expectations. We need monk-like focus and determination to get us over the final hump.

Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera


Howard always had a trainer with him wherever he went and worked out with Hakeem Olajuwon early in the off-season, so to say he's been strictly busy with extracurricular activities isn't accurate at all.


Really though? The season is about to start. Hasn't he spent his summer travelling the world and filming another movie?

He's obviously a good guy, but that's not Kobe-like dedication. I felt like every time I checked in this summer he was doing some new fun social thing rather than learning a new post move or working on his free throw.

At least the consistency we've got is gonna be good for chemistry...