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Sep 22

Wednesday’s Magic Word

  • John Denton of “The Orlando Magic likely won’t win any national praise for the changes that they made to their roster this offseason what with division rival Miami Heat adding all-stars LeBron James and Chris Bosh. But Magic coach Stan Van Gundy feels that those changes will make the Magic significantly better this season – and that’s saying something considering that Orlando won 59 games last season and almost got back to the NBA Finals for a second consecutive spring. […] In [Quentin] Richardson, Van Gundy feels the Magic made an upgrade at small forward, especially in the 3-point shooting department. And [Chris] Duhon gives the Magic a smart and steady player capable of being a reserve or a starter should [Jameer] Nelson suffer an injury. Those might seem like minor changes, but Van Gundy feels those two additions could have a huge impact.”
  • Check out Dwight Howard in the new adidas NBA Revolution 30 uniform.
  • George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel: “Could Carmelo Anthony join the Orlando Magic to take on the Axis of Evil in Miami? Wow, that would be fantastic! Let’s make it happen! Please repeat after me: No, no and no. The Magic don’t have the assets to offer the Denver Nuggets to make the deal happen. It’s that simple. Some fans bless ‘em, think that the Nuggets would be dumb enough to take on the bloated contracts of Rashard Lewis, and the bloated expiring contract of Vince Carter as part of the deal. Not going to happen.”
  • Could Ryan Anderson have a chance at being the most improved player on the Magic roster this season? Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post investigates: “Ryan Anderson appears to be a solid candidate. The 22-year-old power forward shot 37 percent from three-point range and averaged eight rebounds per 36 minutes played last year, the third-best figure on the team. His iffy man-to-man defense, along with his itchy trigger finger (he used nearly one-quarter of the Magic’s possessions when on the court last season; only Carter ended more) conspired to keep him out of the rotation. Improvement in those areas would go a long way toward establishing him as the clear backup to Rashard Lewis and helping him earn more than the 14.4 minutes per game he averaged last season.”
  • General manager Otis Smith drops some knowledge: “I don’t think we had to go out and make wholesale changes. Sometimes with continuity, improvement can take place.”
  • If it were up to Howard, he’d take Kevin Durant over LeBron James.
  • Zach McCann of the Orlando Sentinel: “I’ve received plenty of feedback on the Magic’s ticket prices this season — mostly negative — so I wanted to clear up a few things. Here are a few more notes on the Magic’s policy. […] All ticket prices won’t be set in stone at the beginning of the year. A ticket price could rise or fall depending on trades and injuries. If, say, the New Jersey Nets traded for Carmelo Anthony, the price of that ticket could go up. Similarly, the price of the Nuggets ticket might go down in that situation. Tickets could only change prices before they’ve gone on sale, obviously.”
  • John Perrotto of Basketball Prospectus recaps the Pat Riley-Stan Van Gundy feud.
tha truth is...
tha truth is...

tha starting 5 will be better with Q Rich comparing 2 Barnes in terms of offense and defensive balance between tha 2 of them. Barnes is a better defender not by much, yet Q Rich is a better shooter and dribbler.