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Sep 24

Friday’s Magic Word

  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “[Daniel] Orton has been hampered by a knee injury in recent months — so much so that he hasn’t been able to do much on-court work since the AirTran Airways Pro Summer League ended on July 9. The knee problem, which could be related to a knee injury Orton suffered his senior year of high school about a year and a half ago, will prevent Orton from scrimmaging with the team during training camp next week. […] This is bad news for Orton, of course, but it should not significantly affect the [Orlando] Magic during the 2010-11 season. President of Basketball Operations Otis Smith has said all along that Orton is a project who didn’t figure to make much of an impact in the year ahead. After all, Orton played only one season at Kentucky and didn’t start a game for the Wildcats.”
  • Henry Abbott of “NBA referees will have more reasons to issue technical fouls next season. At the referees’ annual meeting in Jersey City, N.J., on Thursday, the league announced the guidelines for technical fouls will expand to include “overt” player reactions to referee calls. […] In addition, referees have been instructed to consider calling technicals on players who use body language to question or demonstrate displeasure, or say things like, “Come on!” They can also consider technicals for players who “take the long path to the official”, walking across the court to make their case.”
  • TrueHoop has video of Adonal Foyle‘s and Dwight Howard‘s trip to Haiti.

  • What do the stricter technical foul rules mean for Howard?
  • Marc Stein of debuts new power rankings for the 2010-2011 NBA season. At No. 4 are the Orlando Magic: “I’m off the Magic’s bandwagon, true, but I do still like them. The biggest reason why: All the chirpiness that keeps flying between Orlando and Miami is one of the best subplots of this can’t-start-soon-enough season.”
  • Trey Kerby of Ball Don’t Lie: “It’ll be interesting to see how this actually plays out. Two of the NBA’s biggest stars — Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant — were in the top four for technicals last season, and that’s with the more relaxed guidelines. These guys like to complain, and if the NBA is allowing referees to hand out technicals for more and more gestures it’s likely that the league will see some of its best players hitting the showers earlier than they’d expect. That’s part of the reason the old strict rules didn’t stick, and it’ll constantly be a battle for refs to decide if a first quarter “Come on!” is worth giving a technical when it’s likely the same thing could happen later in the fourth quarter of a close game. As much as the NBA wants to clean up its product, they’re also going to want their stars playing at the end of tight games. We’ll see if this lasts.”
  • Howard talks about the Miami Heat.