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Sep 27

It’s Media Day!


Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Media Day is today!

I attended last year’s event for Orlando Pinstriped Post and would have covered it this year, but I’m in graduate school at Northwestern University and scheduling as well as logistics didn’t allow me to trek down to Orlando to cover the proceedings at the Amway Center this year.

All is not lost, however.

As per my recommendation, make sure to follow these writers on Twitter for coverage:


Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera


Me too.


Thanks for the kind words.

@NC Magic Fan

Typical Joey.

NC Magic Fan
NC Magic Fan

"That's a Technical Foul on number 44. Tech on Williams!" says Joey Crawford.


Eddy big ups to you with your school. Hope it's going great but I know, I really know you would like to be at Media Day. True Magic blogger... and your partners are also great. Let's Go MAGIC!!! Championship this year depends on Superman's development, especially on offense.


The new season is finally here!

So excited.