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Oct 13

Wednesday’s Magic Word

  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “Jason Williams expects to reach a milestone Wednesday. He believes he’ll run for the first time since he underwent a knee operation on Sept. 30. This day couldn’t have arrived soon enough for Williams. He participated in just one day of training camp before he decided to have arthroscopic surgery to clean out debris inside his left knee. He watched on TV when the Orlando Magic played their first two preseason games. […] Williams said he feels like he could play right now if absolutely necessary. After an hour-long rehab session of stationary bike work, leg-strengthening exercises and icing his knee on Tuesday, he walked briskly and without a limp through Amway Center toward the players’ parking garage. Before his surgery, Williams had been told he could return to the court within three or four weeks, and he’s still on that rough timeline. The Magic will be happy to have him back.”
  • Jason Williams on the Miami Heat: “The Orlando Magic’s got just as good a chance of winning the championship as the Miami Heat, and that’s all it’s about for me right now: winning a championship.”
  • Marcin Gortat thinks the Orlando Magic have a better frontline than the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • What does Dwight Howard have to do to win the MVP award this year?
  • Ben Q. Rock of Orlando Pinstriped Post previews the Magic’s season: “Frankly, I don’t see how the team could possibly have declined. It led the league in point differential despite getting only two above-average months from [Vince] Carter and [Jameer] Nelson, and never getting any consistent production from [Rashard] Lewis. This NBA season, in terms of attention and coverage, will belong to the Miami Heat. I don’t think anyone will dispute that point. But in their shadow, I believe the Magic will modestly improve upon last season’s record, and enter the postseason more prepared to take on all comers than they were last season.”
  • Make sure to check out Rock’s practice reports from yesterday. All of them are must-reads.
  • Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones: “Dwight Howard has made a name for himself by being a lovably goofy giant, smiling any chance he gets and breaking in to his Charles Barkley impersonation anytime someone requests to see it. Six seasons in to his career, Dwight is one of the most recognizable and famous players in the NBA. He’s got commercials. He’s got a shoe deal. He’s even got a kid’s CD. And it’s all because he’s a big-time jokester. But, apparently, the Dwight we’ve come to know and love is gone, never to be seen again. Gone are the halfcourt shots and Superman capes. Gone are the dunk contests, smiles and dance moves. There’s a new Dwight in Orlando, and he sounds a lot less fun.”
  • FreeDarko’s new book is out!
  • Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie thinks Jameer Nelson is an underrated player: “Well, everyone knows his name, and he did make an All-Star two years ago while slightly disappointing last season. But he’s clearly slimmed down, and about to enter his prime. I think Jameer Nelson will be terribly underrated this season. This guy has a chance to go off. This isn’t to say he looked doughy or out of it last season, it’s just to point out that he really looks fit now, and could lead Orlando to great things. The Magic have long needed him to be the straw that stirs the drink, and I don’t think I’m being annoyingly glass half-full in expecting him to stir away in 2010-11.”