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Oct 19

The 1995 Houston Rockets: A Template For a Championship

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The blogosphere is a fascinating place. It really is. When people read something so profound, so enlightening, they want to share this newfound treasure they’ve found to the rest of the world. Or at least try. This is one of those cases.

At FreeDarko, some of the best writers in the NBA universe have been trying to “crack the mystery of Hakeem Olajuwon and his Rockets” for the past few weeks — the articles that have been written are all must-reads.

En lieu of the ongoing storyline regarding Dwight Howard‘s relationship with Olajuwon, today, Sebastian Pruiti of NBA Playbook and Nate Parham of SBN Seattle teamed up to compare the 1995 Houston Rockets and the 2010 Orlando Magic.

It’s a comparison that’s apt, but not perfect, because the Rockets executed a 4-out/1-in offensive scheme on their way to a seemingly improbable championship in 1995.

It’s not a perfect comparison because there are many subtle differences when comparing the Magic to their contemporaries. Houston had Olajuwon, one of the best centers in league history and a magician on offense. Clyde Drexler was a dynamic scorer and an underrated passer throughout his career. Robert Horry was, at that time, at his athletic peak and a versatile player on both ends of the floor. The differences between the two teams can be further broken down, but Pruiti and Parham explain things in much greater detail.

The one thing that stood out in the article, however, was this breakdown:

This begins to bring some clarity to what the Magic lost in Hedo Turkoglu, if that wasn’t already obvious. Although comparing [Vince] Carter, Howard, and [Rashard] Lewis to Drexler, Horry, and Olajuwon appears to make more sense on the surface, the playmaking ability of Turkoglu – and even that of Courtney Lee – made that Magic team far more comparable as a unit in terms of being able to knock down perimeter shots and creating scoring opportunities with ball movement.

An argument is made that the 2009 Magic, not last year’s team, compare more favorably to the ’95 Rockets primarily because of Turkoglu’s playmaking ability at the small forward position. This isn’t to say that Vince Carter isn’t a playmaker because he is, but his playmaking consists of scoring rather than passing. Of course, Carter’s role is determined largely by head coach Stan Van Gundy‘s needs and wants on the roster. More can be said, but make sure to read the analysis.

When critics argue that Orlando can’t win a title with an offensive philosophy that asks for four shooters to surround one low post presence, they seemingly forget the Rockets of yesteryear. It’s true that Howard is no Olajuwon and Houston relied less on three-point shooting, but many of the strategies are the same and that’s what matters when trying to make sense of the current Magic era. Of course, at the end of the day, it’s Howard continued development on offense that will determine if the comparison becomes a reality.


I have been saying for a few years now that SVG's offense is similar to Rudy T's offense with Hakeem and the Rockets during the mid 90's, 4 out and 1 in. I will say those that one trait that Hakeem has that Howard doesn't is his ability to pass out of the double team. Hakeem passing ability was underrated while Dwight doesn't seem to pick up the double teams and where they are coming from as well as he should.

Glad to see those great articles cuz the 95 rockets team made me into a basketball fan.

Thanks again for the links to those articles.