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Oct 26

Where Do the Orlando Magic Stand As of Today?

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Via John Denton of OrlandoMagic.com:

Will Anthony and Paul be traded and swing the balance of power in the NBA? How bad does Anthony want out of Denver? The franchise has been trying to get him to sign a $66 million extension for months and he’s turned his nose up at it. But I give ‘Melo credit for wanting to win a championship and he knows that is never going to happen in Denver with the Lakers bullying everything west of the Mississippi River. But I hate to break it to Anthony, but the Knicks or Nets aren’t going to win a title anytime soon either.

Could a franchise such as the Magic, Celtics or Bulls pull off a blockbuster for Anthony or Paul midseason that would vault them ahead of the Lakers and Heat as championship favorites? As currently constructed, the Magic love their roster with their loads of depth and talent at every spot. President of Basketball Operations/GM Otis Smith has never been a big fan of mid-season moves, but Smith knows that the Magic aren’t going to pay the luxury tax forever and they might need to take their biggest, hardest swing at trying to win it all this season.

So Anthony and Paul, who both want out of their current situations and would prefer to team up somewhere a la the Miami Thrice, could very well swing the balance in the NBA come February. Denver and New Orleans aren’t winning much this season, and the trade deadline could be the point where they are moved to a contender.

Until the trade deadline comes and goes, the possibility of the Orlando Magic acquiring either Carmelo Anthony or Chris Paul will continue to linger in the background. And if it becomes clear that the Magic — in their current state — will not be able to beat the Miami Heat or the Boston Celtics in a seven-game series, the trade winds will start to swirl harder.

Especially when it’s common knowledge that general manager Otis Smith has accumulated a plethora of assets to execute a blockbuster trade — in theory.

Tonight, the SuperFriends will face off against the Celtics and everyone will finally have a chance to see LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh on the floor together (barring an injury) in a game that matters. This will, undoubtedly, be one of the most anticipated regular season openers in NBA history and for Magic fans, it’ll be a great opportunity to scout the competition.

Not everything, regarding the Heat and C’s, will be figured out tonight but the process of unveiling the fog of war will begin. Rest assured, the same attention will be given to Orlando and Miami when they square off on Friday. For now, it’s a three-way dance in the Eastern Conference and the Magic, Heat, and Celtics are the participants.

Should be fun to watch.

Eddy Rivera
Eddy Rivera

@Leoraul Torres

Chris Paul. No question.

Leoraul Torres
Leoraul Torres

Hey Eddy, just for fun and without too much analysis... who would you prefer on a Magic uniform... Paul or Anthony?