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Nov 10

Are You Kidding Me? Fastbreaks?

Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Via Peter D. Newmann of ESPN NBA Statistics and Information Research:

One thing that the [Orlando] Magic won’t be doing very much of is running the fastbreak. Orlando averages the fewest fastbreak points per game in the NBA.

Fastbreak PPG Pace
Orlando Magic 8.2 93.2 (18th)
Milwaukee Bucks 8.6 91.4 (24th)
New Jersey Nets 9.7 91.1 (27th)
Portland Trail Blazers 10.0 89.4 (29th)
Detroit Pistons 11.7 90.6 (28th)
Torres, Leoraúl
Torres, Leoraúl

Does being 18th in the Pace column, but last in the Fastbreak PPG translates to bad decisions running down the court? Turnovers? Bad shots???


Aaron H.
Aaron H.

It really just comes down to actually, I don't know, fast breaking.

It has killed me the last few years that with perhaps the fastest center in the NBA and one of the quickest point guards the Magic just don't run the break much under SVG. You'd think they'd have a huge advantage (and Howard is almost always down the court before any big defenders), yet they never even seem to try.

Maybe they are trying to conserve energy for defense? If you run a break and score the other team can perhaps take it out of the basket and beat you down the court because they never actually left?

Just guessing.