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Nov 19

Friday’s Magic Word

  • Zach McCann of the Orlando Sentinel: “Rashard Lewis has always said his favorite type of shot is the dunk, which is surprising since he’s known for his feathery jump-shot and finesse game around the basket. A dunk boosts a player’s adrenaline and gets the crowd into the game, he says, so he’d rather slam one home than sink a jumper. Perhaps that’s why Lewis played so well Thursday night — he dunked not once but twice in the [Orlando] Magic‘s blowout win over the Phoenix Suns. Lewis finished with 13 points, but it felt like 30 with the way he’s been playing lately. In the Magic’s previous three games, Lewis shot 28.5 percent from the field and averaged 7.7 points per game. Lewis shot 6-of-9 on Thursday night, a welcomed efficient performance from the 31-year-old. […] It’s the first time he’s really felt good after a game since scoring 22 points against Charlotte in on Nov. 6. Since then, Lewis has found himself under consistent scrutiny as Magic fans suffered through his shooting slump as badly as he did.”
  • Nobody understands what Hedo Turkoglu said in last night’s game.
  • Seriously. Nobody.
  • Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie: “Hedo Turkoglu probably doesn’t want to be on the Orlando Magic, and the Magic probably don’t want him. It’s not just that he’ll make an average of eight figures over the course of the contract he signed upon leaving Orlando a year and a half ago; though I’m guessing that helps. He wanted a temperate scene that more closely approximated the European brand of ball that he grew up with (if not his youth spent in Turkey), and I can’t blame him. Some of us like cold weather. Which is why he flirted with Portland, before signing with Toronto. The problem was that his terrible play in Toronto allowed for a trade to Phoenix, which (I’m sorry, Orlando, but this pasty mug was miserable down there) is far more preferable to the dry heat and sports-bars-at-every-turn-with-ranch-dressing-and-light-beer-to-spare environment in Phoenix. Not a fan of either, but intense humidity does tip the scale.”