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Nov 22

Preview: Orlando Magic at San Antonio Spurs

8:30 EDT | NBA TV
9-3 @ 11-1
Pythagorean Record: 9-3 Pythagorean Record: 9-3
Pace: 92.7 (17th) Pace: 95.2 (7th)
Offensive Rating: 105.5 (19th) Offensive Rating: 112.2 (2nd)
Defensive Rating: 97.4 (1st) Defensive Rating: 102.2 (6th)
AT&T Center | First meeting this season

Thanks to POOR OFFICIATING by the NBA once again, the Magic loses, i think there should be a boycott of the NBA until the officials learn how to call a game fair. They were calling everything on the Magic, and nothing on the sperms, i mean spurs. Magic gets called for fist pumping, but the weak spurs do it the whole game!, fouls all over the place on the spurs, they just got lucky