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Dec 02

The ongoing saga involving Gilbert Arenas

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Via Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post:

The Orlando Magic have engaged the Washington Wizards in an ongoing trade dialog centered around Wizards shooting guard Gilbert Arenas, Orlando Pinstriped Post has learned. What Orlando would send Washington in return for the three-time All-Star is less clear, but the proposed deal likely includes shooting guard Vince Carter, according to a source. Wizards big man Andray Blatche, Magic forward Rashard Lewis, and Magic center Daniel Orton could also be involved. Both teams have a mutual understanding of what the trade might include, the source says, and it’s unclear what factors are holding up the trade. What is clear around the league, however, is that Magic President of Basketball Operations Otis Smith has his eye on Arenas. If Orlando is to make a major trade this season, Arenas will likely be the target.

CBS Sports’ Ken Berger reported the Magic listened to trade offers regarding Arenas this summer, but rebuffed the Wizards due to concern over the salary remaining on his contract, which runs for three seasons after this one, at a total cost of $62.4 million. In early November, Marc Stein of reported “the Magic have cooled on the notion of a Vince Carter-for-Arenas exchange,” citing “NBA front-office sources.” However, the source who spoke to Orlando Pinstriped Post contradicts Stein’s report, saying Orlando has indeed initiated the discussions with Washington of late.

Orlando Pinstriped Post’s report was later refuted by general manager Otis Smith.

Still, it’s a topic worth discussing.

One of the most common criticisms of the Orlando Magic, when determining their chances of winning a championship this season, is that there is no one on the roster that can serve as a go-to scorer on the perimeter. The Los Angeles Lakers have Kobe Bryant, the Miami Heat have LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, the Boston Celtics have Paul Pierce, and the San Antonio Spurs have Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker. These are players that have proven themselves when the stakes are at the highest. But what about the Magic?

There’s Jameer Nelson. If there’s anyone on the roster for Orlando that comes closest to being regarded as a go-to scorer (the main knock is his consistency), it’s Nelson. There’s no question that Nelson has been a clutch performer for the Magic not only this year, but in years past. It’s a shame that Nelson played through an injury in the 2009 NBA Finals because it would have been interesting to see how he would have fared against the Lakers, a team he demonized in the regular season that year, with the bright lights on him and fully healthy.

There’s Vince Carter. It’s fair to say that his performance in the 2010 NBA Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics is a major reason why people are skeptical that Carter can be relied upon when the going gets tough.

And that’s it.

Which is why, for better or worse, Gilbert Arenas’ name keeps getting mentioned in trade rumors with Orlando. But is Arenas really the answer?


There’s a possible answer to that question. Problem is, no one will know until the trade deadline comes and goes in February. Until then, everyone is going to try to determine whether or not the Magic need Arenas.

Billy (slickw143)
Billy (slickw143)

Please no. The risk just is too high. Not to mention that contract is horrendous. It would likely be akin to franchise suicide, unless he has some miraculous turnaround with both his attitude and his health.


arenas trade is gambling in my eyes or is this the only way to get (in a greater deal) lewis out of his big contract?

the magic rooster is well balanced and very deep i see no reason to go on a risky deal like this. it seems more important for me that the magic looks on trades more on the defensive qualities from the player. if we limit the opponements attacks enough we need no adjustment in the offensive setup.

the last games show me that if pietrus, bass and redick comes in the magic perform in the right way with a solid defensive play...
bass is a very good mid range scorer or can attack the basket well if he continue his game this season long maybe he is one of the best sixth men in the league or the one who have the best improvement this seasen.

Torres, Leoraúl
Torres, Leoraúl

Arenas will mess the current Magic-Core-Players chemistry, but it won't be the first time the Magic management does something like it.

And about Carter, it's not only last season's playoffs, he hasn't perform well in crunch time over his entire career. There is a reason he never became what a lot of people thought he was going to be early in his career.

Now that we have started to see Nelson's game at the All-Star level again, I hope he is our answer. Seeing how good CP3 is playing at NOLA, I don't see the Magic landing him. And although Carmelo is very talented, I have problems trusting players that are not playing to their potential because they are not happy where they are. How about the day he gets board with his new team..? Life is full of cycles.


i don't like that trade i want carter stay every game become more exciting because of VC'c presence..


arenas is a waste of money not yet totally hell in that injury!carter has more healthy than arenas and carter has much more aggressive going to the basket..


I don't think Arenas will put Orlando over the top. I actually think we have a better chance with Carter provided he stays healthy.