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Dec 02

Thursday’s Magic Word

  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “As much as [Otis] Smith likes Arenas — and their relationship is akin to that of a father and son — I don’t think Arenas fits for the [Orlando] Magic. Forget all the controversy that surrounds Arenas. Smith knows Arenas well and wouldn’t consider that a roadblock. Instead, Arenas has a recent injury history that can’t be ignored. Even worse, he has a massive contract and will earn $62 million more in the three seasons after this one. One of those concerns could be overlooked if the other problem didn’t exist. But the two taken together? That’s why I don’t think the Magic would trade for Arenas.”
  • Should the Orlando Magic try to acquire Tayshaun Prince in a trade?
  • John Denton of talks about Mickael Pietruspositive impact on the Magic: “Early in the season, Orlando Magic small forward Mickael Pietrus was in a danger zone of sorts. He was not only playing just 14 minutes a night, but he wasn’t playing especially well and he had just gotten pushed out of the rotation. He exchanged heated words with Magic coach Stan Van Gundy along the sideline, was benched for two games and quietly wondered if his future was still in Orlando even though he had previously enjoyed two of the best years of his NBA career with the Magic. Knowing full well that his season could likely head one of two ways – sulk and play himself out of Orlando or stay focused and get back in the good graces of the team – Pietrus poured himself back into his work. The straying, after all, was surprising because Pietrus had been one of Orlando’s best players in the preseason and seemed poised for a big season. Pietrus doesn’t always fit the NBA mold with his happy-go-lucky nature and his carefree attitude. The Guadeloupe native has an free-flowing island sense about him and never is there a sense of entitlement. He openly talks about his love for Orlando and his blessings to be playing in the NBA, and he said he owed it to his teammates and his supporters to play his way back onto the floor.”
  • Brandon Bass is shooting the lights out of the basketball.
  • Bryan Crawford of SLAM ONLINE witnessed Orlando’s domination of the Chicago Bulls.
  • Dwight Howard is a fun person to be around.
  • Howard is happy about the Magic’s win against the Bulls: “We got us a really good win Tuesday night against Detroit and then an even better one last night in Chicago. We were facing a Bulls team that hadn´t played since Saturday while we were on a back-to-back. Chicago was getting Booze back and D-Rose is steady blowing up. We played defense like a championship team and we moved the ball on offense. When we put it all together and ball like we did last night, I think we show people and even ourselves how good we can be as a team.”
  • Gilbert Arenas isn’t expected to be traded by the Washington Wizards. Not yet, at least.
Billy (slickw143)
Billy (slickw143)

That Tayshaun deal looked god awful. Not that I don't think Tayshaun could add something to the team, but giving up assets like Gortat and Ryan Anderson (plus a reasonably priced Richardson) just seems counterproductive.