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Dec 07

The play that beat the Orlando Magic last night

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Despite a game that was plagued by a lack of execution on both sides, the Atlanta Hawks were able to run an excellent inbounds play out of a timeout with 31.6 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

The scenario is this — the Hawks were up by the score of 73-70 and for the Orlando Magic, they needed a stop to give themselves a chance to tie the game. On the previous possession, Jamal Crawford ran an isolation set and missed the shot.

This time, however, head coach Larry Drew goes back to the motion offense

Sebastian Pruiti breaks down the possession at NBA Playbook.

Take a look.

NC Magic Fan
NC Magic Fan

Duhan is picking up a lot of flack for his "lack of defense" on that play. I don't see that his defense was bad, the play shut him out just long enough to get the 3 off. Both Magic bigs were contained and Duhon had no where else to go. Good coaching and good execution by the Hawks.