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Dec 08

Dwight Howard and technical fouls

AP Photo/Eric Gay

Via Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post:

It’s tough to argue, in other words, that one or more of [Dwight] Howard‘s technicals cost Orlando a game just yet. In the grand scheme of the [Orlando] Magic‘s season so far, the technicals have cost the Magic seven points, or one every three games. That’s all.

The cost to Howard isn’t too great either. Per the league’s penalty schedule, Howard’s had to pay $13,000 in fines for those technicals this season, less than one percent of his $16.6 million NBA salary, which doesn’t account for his multiple endorsements.

I don’t intend to trivialize Howard’s technical foul trouble so far this season. The potential exists for him to blow his stack at a real inopportune time and send Orlando to a loss, or for a suspension to keep him out of action against a tough opponent such as the Boston Celtics or L.A. Lakers. But when considering the other issues the Magic may have to contend with in the 61 games ahead of them, this one doesn’t loom too large.

That point is especially clear given how Howard has improved his behavior lately. He’s picked up only three technicals in his last 414:22 of court time. Moreover, he’s on a streak of 124:43 without a technical, which is very nearly his best of the season.

Dwight Howard and technical fouls. Two things that aren’t mutually exclusive.