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Dec 28

Video Analysis: A strong start and finish on Christmas Day

The Orlando Magic are in the midst of a three-game winning streak, which is modest by NBA standards, but one of the wins came against the Boston Celtics — holders of the best record in the Eastern Conference — on Christmas Day. The reason why that is a big deal, of sorts, is because the Magic are trying to integrate three new players (more like two, given that Hedo Turkoglu is on his second stint with the team) into their rotation.

Whether or not the trades executed by general manager Otis Smith work will be determined in the playoff. But it doesn’t hurt for Orlando to know that, after beating one of their conference rivals (the other being the Miami Heat), they’re heading in the right direction.

The main theme in the Magic’s win, that’s worth pointing out, was the strong start and finish to the game against the Celtics. At the start of the first quarter and end of the fourth quarter, Orlando went on a combined 28-1 run.

It’s true that, between that timeframe, Boston was in control. However, to use a boxing analogy, the Magic were able to come away with a 12th-round knockout to steal the fight.