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Dec 29

Wednesday’s Magic Word

  • George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel: “One more piece, Otis [Smith]. One more piece that allows you to go from Major Fail to Major Coup. Snag a serviceable backup center, and the Orlando Magic are right there in the conversation of NBA championship contenders. As good as they look now, the Orlando Magic won’t get far in the Eastern Conference playoffs without a true backup center. The Celtics are too good, even if Shaq has become an over-sized slug. And the Magic get a double-whammy because of Dwight Howard‘s dysfunctional relationship with the referees. Whether they are unfairly picking on him or not doesn’t matter. What does is that Howard, now with 11 technicals, will start sitting out games once he hits 16. After he crosses that threshold, he will miss one game for every subsequent pair of techs.”
  • Zach McCann of the Orlando Sentinel: “Efficient and [Hedo] Turkoglu were generally two words never used together, unless the word “not” was sprinkled in there somewhere. But Turk’s been super efficient in these first six games, creating points for the Magic without taking much away from the team by turning the ball over or taking bad shots. Perhaps his proficiency has more to do with the team than with Turkoglu. Jason Richardson, Gilbert Arenas, Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson also spend significant time with the ball in their hands facilitating the offense. When Turk was with Orlando, he was the primary guy – Howard’s offensive game wasn’t as developed and Rashard Lewis was more of a complementary offensive piece. Now, Turk isn’t counted on to create from the pick and roll on almost every possession. […] In Phoenix and Toronto, Turk was being used primarily as a spot-up shooter, a role he can fill but not a role in which he can thrive. Judging by these first six games, Turkoglu’s decreased production in those cities was related to the system, not his skills.”
  • The Orlando Magic are finding their groove.
  • Earl Clark is making a name for himself with the Magic.
  • Head coach Stan Van Gundy talks about the adjustments he made in Orlando’s win last night.
  • Could the Magic and New York Knicks play against each other in the 2011 NBA Playoffs?
  • Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post: “Arenas is no stranger to success in Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena. Not counting last night’s performance, he’s averaged 22.7 points per game in 9 regular- and post-season appearances at The Q since the start of the 2005/06 season, including a 44-point outing for the Washington Wizards in a crushing playoff defeat.”
  • Van Gundy is a good coach.
  • Could Marcus Camby be a possibility as a back-up center for Orlando? Sekou Smith of the NBA’s Hangtime Blog thinks it’s a possibility: “We have to admit, a trade that would send Camby to Orlando — where he could work alongside Dwight Howard — intrigues. The Magic have fortified their perimeter with their recent deals for Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson and Gilbert Arenas. Where they were left vulnerable was inside, by moving Marcin Gortat to Phoenix and getting young, raw big man Earl Clark in return. With Howard, Camby, Clark and Brandon Bass up front, the Magic would certainly have the bodies needed to fight the Celtics and Heat in a playoff series. (Don’t think Magic GM Otis Smith hasn’t already dreamed about that.)”
  • Several NBA writers don’t think the Magic are good enough to win the Eastern Conference.
  • Andrew Unterberger of The Basketball Jones visits Amway Center and gives his impression: “Mostly, it’s just huge, with a greater variety of concession stands, gift shops (the lower level looked like an independent mini-mall) and seating options (best demonstrated in the “Suites” category of the Wiki page comparing the AC to the AA) than just about any of the other stadiums I’d visited — really, it was probably the closest I’ve come on this trip to an NBA equivalent to Jerry’s World in Dallas.”
  • Van Gundy, apparently, isn’t a fan of Hedo Turkoglu’s three-point shooting.
  • Howard mocks LeBron James’ chalk toss in Cleveland. Not the first time he’s done this.
Samc32771 mean those great basketball minds still dont balieve the Magic are good enough too take the East.....let me guess these are the same minds that didnt think we could win the east in 08-09 and vice versa in new.....we never needed the non fans to balieve (no pun Intended)


Magic Are the best team !