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Dec 20

The “Great Magic Purge”

Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images On Saturday, general manager Otis Smith executed his version of “Order 66.”

Dec 20

The Orlando Magic had a busy Saturday

Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images As seen on TrueHoop. Entering the season, some of the biggest question marks for the Orlando Magic were shot creation and perimeter scoring. After a 16-9 start to the year, in which the Magic’s offense ranked 14th in offensive efficiency, an inconvenient truth had been realized — Vince Carter and …

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Dec 18

Preview: Philadelphia 76ers at Orlando Magic

7:00 EST | Sun Sports 10-16 @ 16-9 Pythagorean Record: 14-12 Pythagorean Record: 16-9 Pace: 91.7 (18th) Pace: 91.1 (18th) Offensive Rating: 104.9 (19th) Offensive Rating: 106.3 (14th) Defensive Rating: 104.3 (11th) Defensive Rating: 101.7 (5th) Amway Center | First meeting this season

Dec 14

Recap: Denver Nuggets 111, Orlando Magic 94

BOX SCORE When the Orlando Magic embarked on their four-game road trip to the West Coast, it was said that the players would learn a lot about themselves and as a whole, they’d figure out where they stand vis-a-vis the rest of the NBA elite — the Los Angeles Lakers, the Miami Heat, the Boston …

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Dec 14

Preview: Orlando Magic at Denver Nuggets

9:00 EST | NBA TV 16-8 @ 14-9 Pythagorean Record: 15-6 Pythagorean Record: 13-10 Pace: 91.1 (19th) Pace: 96.5 (2nd) Offensive Rating: 106.5 (14th) Offensive Rating: 110.5 (6th) Defensive Rating: 100.9 (3rd) Defensive Rating: 108.6 (18th) Pepsi Center | First meeting this season

Dec 13

Snoggle? It’s Ryan Anderson’s new game

Via the Orlando Magic: The Orlando Magic and the citizens of Central Florida have a shiny, sparkling new arena, packed with amenities at every turn. The fans undoubtedly love the new spaces in the Amway Center such as the Budweiser Baseline Bar, the Gentleman Jack Terrace and STUFF’s Magic Castle kid’s zone presented by Club …

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Dec 13

Magic Basketball returns from hiatus

If you’ve noticed that things have been quiet around here, I figured I’d offer an explanation for that. For the past year, I’ve been a graduate student at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism working towards earning a master’s degree and on Thursday, I completed my education. As such, life has been busy for me …

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Dec 09

Preview: Orlando Magic at Portland Trail Blazers

10:30 EDT | TNT 15-6 @ 10-11 Pythagorean Record: 15-6 Pythagorean Record: 10-11 Pace: 91.1 (20th) Pace: 88.7 (30th) Offensive Rating: 107.0 (13th) Offensive Rating: 106.8 (14th) Defensive Rating: 99.7 (2nd) Defensive Rating: 107.3 (16th) Rose Garden | First meeting this season

Dec 06

Preview: Atlanta Hawks at Orlando Magic

7:00 EDT | Sun Sports 13-8 @ 15-5 Pythagorean Record: 12-9 Pythagorean Record: 15-5 Pace: 92.4 (21st) Pace: 91.2 (19th) Offensive Rating: 109.3 (9th) Offensive Rating: 108.1 (13th) Defensive Rating: 106.7 (14th) Defensive Rating: 100.2 (2nd) Amway Center | Magic lead season series 1-0

Dec 03

Preview: Orlando Magic at Detroit Pistons

7:30 EDT | Sun Sports 14-4 @ 6-13 Pythagorean Record: 14-4 Pythagorean Record: 6-13 Pace: 91.5 (19th) Pace: 89.0 (28th) Offensive Rating: 108.2 (11th) Offensive Rating: 103.8 (24th) Defensive Rating: 99.6 (1st) Defensive Rating: 110.3 (25th) The Palace at Auburn Hills | Magic lead season series 1-0

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