Video Analysis: Highlights of Hedo Turkoglu's triple-double | Magic Basketball



Jan 05

Video Analysis: Highlights of Hedo Turkoglu’s triple-double

It’s been a few weeks since Hedo Turkoglu was traded to the Orlando Magic, and it looks like he hasn’t missed a beat with his old teammates. The Magic have gone 6-2 since Turkoglu’s return and, of course, the highlight of that eight-game stretch was his triple-double which came against the Golden State Warriors on Monday.

Triple-doubles are always hard to come by but the Warriors offered Turkoglu a perfect storm, of sorts, to accomplish the feat for the third time in his career — play at a high pace (which means there’s more possessions for missed shots to turn into potential rebounds) and not defend very well (which means there’s more opportunities for assists and points on offense).

And voila.