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Jan 17

Preview: Orlando Magic at Boston Celtics

8:00 EST | TNT
26-14 @ 30-9
Pythagorean Record: 27-13 Pythagorean Record: 29-10
Pace: 92.2 (18th) Pace: 90.8 (21st)
Offensive Rating: 107.7 (12th) Offensive Rating: 108.8 (10th)
Defensive Rating: 102.0 (3rd) Defensive Rating: 100.5 (2nd)
TD Garden | Magic lead season series 1-0

Only watched the end of the game due to a pressing engagement elsewhere. But man is Richardson a horrible defensive player!! Its really amazing that he's manage to be in the league this long and not learned how to fight through screens and not fall for pump fakes. With his athleticism he should be a much better defender than he is.