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Jan 20

Art of the shot examined on next “Inside the Magic” TV show

Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

Via Fox Sports Florida:

FOX Sports Florida’s fourth 2010-11 episode of “Inside the Magic” delves into the logistics of shooting. In a departure from the show’s usual format, this episode features a lively roundtable panel discussion with Ryan Anderson, the Magic’s sharpshooting forward; Matt Guokas, Sun Sports & FOX Sports Florida’s analyst and the franchise’s first coach; Pat Garrity, a former Magic forward who spent 10 years in the NBA accumulating a nearly 40 percent 3-point shooting record; and Richie Adubato, the Magic’s radio analyst, former Magic head coach and a 25-year veteran in pro basketball coaching.

“Inside the Magic: The Art of the Shot” premieres this Friday, January 21 at 10:00 pm ET immediately following the Orlando Magic vs. Toronto Raptors game on FOX Sports Florida.


The panel attempts to define what it means to be a ‘pure shooter’ as they discuss the physical and mentalaspects of shooting. Viewers will hear what it’s like to have the ‘shooter’s role’ and the different challenges of being a starter vs. a bench player.

Find out how a player conquers a shooting slump, hear about the panel’s most memorable shots and grasp the difficulty of having to execute a play that calls for hitting a specific shot. Viewers will learn how the art of shooting has evolved over the years. Are today’s players more willing to take riskier shots? How do coaches handle making adjustments to players who have an ugly or unconventional shooting form?

Discover what is working against a shooter in today’s NBA as the panel reveals how defenses have made it tougher to make shots. They also analyze how the trend of shooting from the outside has changed the NBA over the past 20 years.

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“Inside the Magic: The Art of the Shot” is hosted by Jessica Blaylock.

Airdates on FOX Sports Florida: 1/21, 10:00 pm; 2/8, 8:00 pm.

Airdates on Sun Sports: 1/24, 10:00 pm; 1/28, 7:00 pm; 2/5, 9:30 am; 2/5, 7:30 pm; 2/7, 8:00 pm; 2/9, 10:00 pm; 2/11, 10:00 pm, 2/16, 10:00 pm; 2/18, 1:30 pm; 2/19, 9:30 am.