The Orlando Magic launch first NBA team-sponsored augmented reality kiosk at the Amway Center | Magic Basketball



Jan 21

The Orlando Magic launch first NBA team-sponsored augmented reality kiosk at the Amway Center

Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Via the Orlando Magic:

If you’ve ever wanted to dribble down court dodging NBA greats along the way, now is your chance. Today, the NBA’s Orlando Magic launched a new user-generated, interactive program called “Get in the Game,” to virtually put Orlando Magic fans on the NBA basketball court. Located in the Amway Center’s Nutrilite Magic Fan Experience area, “Get in the Game” puts fans into the game like never before by using 3D VideoStar technology from Oddcast, the leader in participation marketing.

Fans interested in participating in the program are encouraged to visit the Amway Center – home of the Orlando Magic – and have a photo taken at the Nutrilite Magic Fan Experience VideoStar kiosks. Next, fans can add their last names for the back of their virtual basketball jerseys and choose a 30-second clip that will feature them as either Orlando Magic player J.J. Redick or Dwight Howard. The video experience can then be shared through kiosks at Amway Center during the game.

Oddcast’s 3D VideoStar technology is an advanced technology that lets users upload a 2D picture of their face that is automatically mapped onto any video scene. The picture is rendered in full 3D, providing lifelike tracking movement within the videoand also automatically lip-synchs with any dialogue in the scene.

The Orlando Magic is the first NBA team to use this unique technology in such a fashion. Adding to the novelty, this is also the first time this type of technology is being used in an out-of-home arena whereby users can engage with an application of this nature at a sports event.

“We’re excited to be the pioneering NBA team to use this new technology to bring our fans closer to the game,” said Alex Martins, president of the Orlando Magic. “From a brand perspective, this campaign has the ability to enthuse fans and get them directly involved in the team like never before.”

“The Amway Center provides fans with unique and memorable experiences every time they visit,” said Candace Matthews, chief marketing officer for Amway. “Amway is proud to partner with the Orlando Magic, and the City of Orlando, to offer an exciting venue with a variety of entertainment options in a uniquely global destination city. ‘Get in the Game’ is an innovative use of technology that engages fans in a personally meaningful experience.”

The Nutrilite Magic Fan Experience offers Amway Center visitors an innovative introduction to Amway’s Nutrilite brand and the new corporate Amway brand identity. Linked through a common theme, The Power Behind the Team, the Nutrilite Magic Fan Experience features interactive and informational displays about Orlando Magic players and the Nutrilite brand.

“We’re proud to be working with the Orlando Magic and Amway Center to launch the NBA’s first use of augmented reality technology – the Nutrilite Magic Fan VideoStar Experience,” said Adi Sideman, CEO of Oddcast. “Our 3D VideoStar technology offers up a world of creative possibilities and Magic fans are bound to have a great time engaging with the brand and seeing themselves star in a clip from the game.”