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Feb 11

Preview: New Orleans Hornets at Orlando Magic

7:00 EST | Sun Sports
32-22 @ 34-20
Pythagorean Record: 32-22 Pythagorean Record: 37-17
Pace: 89.0 (26th) Pace: 92.1 (16th)
Offensive Rating: 105.6 (20th) Offensive Rating: 108.2 (11th)
Defensive Rating: 102.9 (6th) Defensive Rating: 102.2 (3rd)
Amway Center | Hornets lead season series 1-0

61 points by a team near the bottom of the league in pace is simply unacceptable. Hopefully Orlando gets in together in the second half.


I can't believe that the Magic's defensive rating is still third in the league. The front office should send tape of Turk and Richardson being abused by various perimeter players to MVP voters and then show the Magic defensive rating at the end to promote Howard.

I no longer believe that this Magic team can win a championship this year but which is sort of depressing but that feeling is offset by watching Dwight Howard being a transcendent defender. I think we should all appreciate this season since Dwight Howard at 25 is perhaps in his absolute athletic prime. He probably will never be as explosive, strong and quick as he is this season.