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Feb 21

Monday’s Magic Word

  • Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel: “Funny, I don’t recall Stern coming to Carmelo’s defense. In fact, deep inside, part of him has to love this ‘Melo-to-Knicks and ‘Melo-to-Nets media scrum. Keeps the NBA in the news, you know. Didn’t Stern and his fellow owners create a landscape inwhich ‘Melo is using to his advantage? Doesn’t he really want to play in New York where he can team up with Amare Stoudemire to form yet another super team? It’s all the rage, Mr. Stern. And isn’t this a landscape inwhich Stern and his fellow owners are trying to change with a possible NFL-type franchise tag place on superstars, such as ‘Melo? Instead, why didn’t Stern say that he hopes Poor Dwight Howard plays forever in Orlando like he did when the LeBron talk heated up and it would be ridiculous for him to leave a new arena?”
  • Dwight Howard wouldn’t mind playing with Kobe Bryant.
  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “Howard has said that he’s ‘retired for life’ from the dunk contest. But the temptation to compete again might be too much for the Orlando Magic superstar to resist if the owners and players avoid a protracted lockout and All-Star Weekend is held as scheduled Feb. 24-26, 2012, at Orlando’s Amway Center. A dunk contest that features both Howard and the Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin would be the most widely anticipated dunk contest since Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins faced-off against each other in 1988.”
  • Howard is focused on winning a championship with the Orlando Magic.
  • It appears that Troy Murphy may soon become the newest member of the Magic.
  • Howard had fun at All-Star weekend: “Well, I’m back in sunny Orlando after a tiring, but good time in LA for the All-Star Game. I went out there with the goal of having fun and that’s just what I did. The whole weekend is for the fans and I went out there with you guys in mind. Again, I want to thank each and every one of you who voted for me. I’m so blessed to have your support.”
  • Howard gets graded for his performance in the 2011 NBA All-Star Game.
  • Ian Thomsen of Sports Illustrated: “They need size, and Murphy would be an excellent fit because he is a rebounder whose three-point shooting would replicate the contributions of Rashard Lewis. But after completing a pair of big trades in December, GM Otis Smith has been insisting that the Magic need to worry less about adding more pieces and focus more on galvanizing their existing resources.”
  • The Basketball Jones ask Howard a random question.
  • John Krolik of ProBasketballTalk: “Howard played 21 minutes on Sunday, but you’d be hard-pressed to remember any of them. Howard showed little interest in playing offense or defense, didn’t block a single shot, and half of his four field goal attempts were from beyond the arc. That’s not what you want to see from Dwight Howard.”