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Feb 28

Welcome Nate Drexler and Danny Nowell

Say hello to Magic Basketball’s version of the Big Three™.

MBN has been in existence for nearly a year and since the NBA is quickly entering a “superteam” era, I figured I’d throw my hat in the ring and create a team of writers that will be bringing their talents to this site on a regular basis.

Nate Drexler is a senior at Covenant College, a small liberal arts school located in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Nate is a history major, finishing up a long educational journey highlighted by intramural basketball and sports writing. Nate’s joy of watching basketball stemmed from watching Larry Hughes at St. Louis University, where his father was a season ticket holder during that era. And yes, Nate is familiar with this notoriously funny website.

Danny Nowell is a senior at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he plies his trade as a creative writing student. Danny is working on his Honors thesis in fiction, a collection of short stories, with the hopes of publishing and pursuing a Master in Fine Arts. When he isn’t too busy combining his interests as a writer and zeal for basketball to produce good writing revolving around the sport, Danny directs an improv comedy team on campus.

Danny and Nate bring a unique set of gifts to the table, and I hope that their rich prose combined with my analytical approach will create a steady stream of quality written content that you, the readers, will enjoy.

Their roles will be as contributing writers, in which they’ll take an expansive look at not only the Orlando Magic but the NBA as a whole.

So without further ado, I’d like to welcome Danny and Nate to Magic Basketball.


Saw your comment on 5 on 5 roundtable. Miami won't trade for Dwight Howard since he is going to the New Jersey Nets. Why trade for someone that plans to leave?

No one wants to stay in your small market team.  Just look at what Shaq did to the Orlando Magic! Shaq made the right DECISION!

Here are the facts:
Magic fans can never have Lebron. 
Magic fans are going to lose Dwight Howard.
Nate Drexler worships people with bad knees! First Penny Hardaway who is a bust. Now he loves Gilbert Arenas.


Hey Danny, read NBA 5 on 5 today on ESPN. I have to say, there was not a moment that I felt you knew what you were talking about and then you confirmed it : by talking about and "injured" Carlos boozer on the fifth question. Haven't heard of his "injury" and he didn't looked too injured in game 6 vs atlanta. Fucking retard.


Welcome Danny. Go Tarheels!


Sure hope they can keep up with your pace, Eddy ;)
Good luck, gentlemen. And go Magic!
P.S. Can we get a profile peace about Turk? I feel like he needs more coverage.