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Mar 08

Tuesday’s Magic Word

  • Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel: “Dwight Howard has said repeatedly that the Orlando Magic need to hit their stride in the home stretch of the regular season, just as the playoffs approach. Now would be a good time for that to happen. The Magic flew from Orlando to California on Tuesday to begin their longest trip of the season — a five-game, nine-night sojourn to Sacramento, Oakland, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Milwaukee. […] They entered Tuesday in fourth place in the Eastern Conference standings, just 2½ games ahead of the Atlanta Hawks. If the Magic end the regular season fifth in the East, they would begin the playoffs on the road and likely would not have homecourt advantage at any time during the postseason. A West Coast road trip — even one that ends, strangely enough, with a stop in Milwaukee — can bring out the best or the worst in a team. It can either bring a team together or cleave it apart. The Magic understand that all too well.”
  • Zach McCann of the Orlando Sentinel: “With 11 seconds left and the Orlando Magic trailing by four points Monday night, Hedo Turkoglu received a pass on the wing for a wide open three-pointer. If Turkoglu sinks the shot, the Magic are down by one point and threatening to steal a game from the Portland Trail Blazers. Instead of shooting, though, Turkoglu swung the ball to Earl Clark, a player who’s made two three-pointers in his NBA career. Clark then drove and passed to Jason Richardson, who missed a contested three-pointer that would’ve been too late, anyway. Turkoglu said he passed up the shot because he couldn’t get a handle on the ball. But the passive play symbolizes a problem that has plagued the 31-year-old forward since rejoining the Magic: He’s just not shooting enough.”
  • Karl Malone has words of wisdom for Dwight Howard.
  • The NBA is a fascinating league right now.
  • A venn diagram involving head coach Stan Van Gundy.
  • Believe it or not, Howard used to cry a lot when he was a rookie in the league.
  • Van Gundy is due for a fine from the NBA league office anytime now. The media doesn’t mind it though.
  • Britt Robson of Sports Illustrated: “MVP contender Dwight Howard was suspended for Monday’s loss to Portland for having 16 technical fouls this season. But any allusions to uncontrollable hotheads like Rasheed Wallace are misguided — the Orlando center absorbs far more punishment than ‘Sheed ever received, and is justified, if not right or smart, in his response. Meanwhile, out on the perimeter, 10-year pro Gilbert Arenas continues to play like a rookie, alternately too tentative and too impulsive in his shot selection, ball movement and defensive rotations. Given Hedo Turkoglu’s struggles, Orlando can’t afford to wait for a resurgence from Arenas that may never come. Coach Stan Van Gundy should cut Arenas’ 21 minutes in half in favor of either Chris Duhon or J.J. Redick as the situation warrants.”
  • Van Gundy is a quote machine.
  • Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don’t Lie: “Howard had to serve out a one-game suspension on Monday because he’s amassed 16 technical fouls on the season. While number 16 was pretty lame, the bulk of them have been wholly earned. Howard complains about call after call, incessantly, and has shown little regard for his growing technical count since the season started. He knows better, and yet he won’t stop chirping. And he earned his suspension. I don’t care that he feels resentful because Omer Asik or Glen Davis haven’t been called for a flagrant foul on him this season. The center only picked up two technicals in the month of February, but this has been a prominent story since last fall. The focus and pressure were on Howard, and yet he didn’t stop complaining.

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Chris Ross
Chris Ross

I was pretty impressed with the way that the Magic battled against Portland because of the fact that Dwight Howard was out. They’ve shown on numerous occasions this year to contend against the big dogs, but inconsistency has just plagued them a lot. The trade I think was something that had to be done for this team because clearly the whole Lewis, Carter situation wasn’t working out. Even if it doesn’t work out in the end I think it was the right hting to do, but if these guys can put it together it could be a fun thing to watch unfold.