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Mar 11

Dwight Howard is a not so gentle giant

Photo by Fernando Medina

Via Evan Dunlap of Orlando Pinstriped Post:

At 6-foot-11 and 270 pounds, with incredible leaping ability, the Orlando Magic‘s Dwight Howard is arguably the NBA’s foremost physical specimen. As he plays on the interior, he’s often in position to mix it up with other players, be they friend or foe. Anytime NBA-caliber athletes are confined in such a small space, they’re liable to get hurt anyway. Adding Howard only raises the stakes.

Marcin Gortat, the Phoenix Suns center who played with Howard for three-plus seasons in Orlando, told SB Nation’s Seth Pollack “you can end up in the hospital” if you aren’t “prepared” to face Howard inside. Given his history with Howard, Gortat would know. Here’s a list of five players whom Howard has inadvertently harmed just because he’s so darn huge.

An interesting read.

Herbert Watring
Herbert Watring

thank goodness dh aint astupid arragant ahole as lebron, the league baby their little crababy, how about a little support for the real superstar dh. van gundy should get a standing ovation every arena he enters, he has clas, something david stern ha none.