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Mar 14

Welcome Matt Scribbins to Magic Basketball

Goodbye to the Big Three. Hello to the Fearsome Foursome.

Magic Basketball is done adding writers to the stable, let that be known, but not before opening its arms to another writer that will team up with Nate Drexler and Danny Nowell to provide more content about the NBA and Orlando Magic.

Matt Scribbins recently graduated cum laude from Iowa State University in May 2010 with an emphasis in mathematics and social sciences. Oh, and Matt was a member of the Cyclones’ football team between 2005 and 2007. Right now, Matt is currently assisting Football Outsiders’ Game Charting Project while at the same time contributing at Hoopdata. Matt’s role to MBN will be similar to mine, in the sense that he’ll bringing a more analytical voice to the table.¬†Numbers are Matt’s friend and his articles won’t be devoid of them. His contributions are eagerly anticipated.

I’d like to welcome Matt to Magic Basketball.


So far the new writers are fantastic. I look forward to reading the articles of The Fearsome Foursome.